Happy One Year to my blog !!! ♥

Dear readers,

One year ago to the day, I posted my first article and “How to survive in Paris” was born! I felt both excited and scared. It was my first major initiative on the Internet and I had never created a blog in English before. I used to avoid exposing myself and remain discreet because of my shy nature, but on February 1, 2015, a new energy had just woken up in my heart. I had things to say and share, I felt determined and I decided to meet a new challenge. I wanted to improve my English, learn to manage a website, use my passion for writing and make people discover topics that are dear to my heart.

I wanted to create a sort of guide to help my English-speaking friends and international tourists visiting Paris with my opinion and experience as a Parisian girl. I wanted my website to be a refuge for people in need of advice, I wanted to explore the limits of my creative writing, inform, make people dream, laugh or move them. I wanted to make my mark and see if I could impact the world and write articles that would be read beyond the borders of my cocoon in France.

On February 1, 2015, I planted a seed that I made grow and flourish over days, weeks and months. Today I am proud of the path I have traveled. Within a year, I wrote 314 articles, this is the 315th, and I managed to touch readers worldwide on all 5 continents: Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, this is so huge! In 2015, my blog was read in 145 countries and today, it has already impacted 76 countries whereas we are only at the beginning of 2016! 2 published blooks, more than 24,100 visits on my website, over a hundred subscribers, nearly 600 approvals of articles and more than one hundred positive comments…  That’s where I am today. It’s thanks to all my readers and their support that “How to survive in Paris” grows and continues to flourish. I don’t receive a single cent on my blog. This is purely a hobby that I take care passionately.

Writing this blog has been a real therapy. It allowed me to become less shy, more confident, bold and creative. As a journal, it has been the confidant of my joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes and successes. “How to survive in Paris” allowed me to desinhibit myself and to make my relatives discover a facet of my personality that they did not necessarily know. Through this blog, it also became more fun to explore the city where I live and discover its treasures. My website also gave me the opportunity to speak of the causes that are dear to me, I usually do it through my poems and short stories.

This article is also the occasion for me to send warm thanks to all my readers and those who support me in this great adventure of blogging! I dream of becoming a great writer and make a living from my passion one day, but that’s another story… Thank you from the bottom of my heart, hugs ♥



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