Short story number 33!

Hello budding writers!

Here is my thirty third short story, enjoy reading!

take flight

It’s time to fly away…

-“Hey Bella, how are you?

Please, Fred, don’t call me that! You know I hate this nickname since “Twilight” came out!

Sorry “Isa”. Feel better?

Thanks. To be honest, I have seen better days…

What’s wrong, sweetie?

I feel trapped in my life.

Ok, let’s just sit down. Coffee?

Oh yes!

Two coffees, please!… Thank you. So, tell me, what’s bothering you, Isa?

Well, I don’t feel serene…

– Is it because of work?

Maybe. You know, working in a bank has never been my dream… Finance annoys me. I followed this path to please my parents but it makes me unhappy. I don’t feel in full bloom.

Did you tell them?

Well, I tried but they told me that I was stupid and that I should consider myself lucky to have a job in a sector that constantly needs qualified personnel!

Can I ask you a question?

Of course, go ahead!

When was the last time you made a decision for yourself?

What do you mean? I’m a big girl, I constantly take decisions by myself!

Can you give me an example?

I remind you that I left to study in Germany for a year during my Erasmus exchange!

It was not even your first choice. I remember you told me you wanted to go to Singapore and it’s not your ranking at school that kept you!

But Germany was great too! I had good opportunities there.

You could have had opportunities in Singapore as well.

– So what? Why are you rehashing the past? What is done is done! I can’t do anything about it.

That’s true. But you could have fly away to Singapore if you had dared to stand up to your parents. Please, be honest. Why did you choose Germany?

– …Because my parents didn’t want me to move too far away from them.

– …And?

I just obeyed them as the docile little girl I have always been…

And you have never wanted to study finance, have you?

It’s crazy, you can read me like a book!

It’s just because I know you a little. So, tell me, did you picture yourself as an accomplished financial auditor?

Not at all. I wanted to study entrepreneurship but they told me that finance was the surest path… I have never dared to take risks nor follow my dreams. I’m just a stupid little sheep as brave as a chicken… I hate my life and it’s too late to change anything!

Hey Isa, please don’t cry, just try to calm down. It’s NOT too late, do you hear me? It’s NEVER too late to change your life. How old are you? Twenty-four?

I will turn twenty-six in September, I’m not that young.

So what? I will turn twenty-eight and I still have my whole life ahead of me! And so do you. Come on, don’t be pessimistic! 

You’re right… My life is not over, many things can happen in a year!

Absolutely! Hey, why don’t you apply to an international volunteer program? It could be an opportunity to go to Singapore if it’s still what you want! What do you think about it?

It would be wonderful! Do you think I have a chance?

Who knows? Give it a try and you’ll figure it out.

Ok, I took my decision.

Good, I’m so happy to hear you say that! So, let’s turn to the million-euro question: are you going to Singapore?

I am going to Singapore.

Is that your final answer?

Yes, Jean-Pierre!

Isa, my name is Fred.

I know, silly! I am going to Singapore, Fred. In every possible way.

That’s my girl, I’m proud of you.

– Thank you, Fred. Will you come to see me?

Of course, I will! I wouldn’t miss that for the world… How are  you feeling now?

– Much better. I guess it’s time that I leave my cage and take flight!

You said it. Let’s go celebrate!…”

thanks 5

 Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you soon 🙂


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