My review of “Joy”!

Hello movie fans!

Yesterday afternoon I finally went to see Joy at the cinema and it’s totally worth it. Here is my review of this powerful movie, enjoy!


Joy is an American biopic directed by David O. Russell with Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Edgar Ramirez and Isabella Rossellini. The film was released in France since December 30, 2015.

What’s the story? Massachussetts in the eighties. Joy is a young single mother with two kids. She has to maintain the household where also live her ex husband Tony who is a cabaret singer, and her neurotic divorced mother who spends her time watching stupid soap operas! Very soon, she has to host Rudy, her father who has been rejected by his girlfriend. Rudy quickly meets Trudy, a wealthy widow who invites the whole family to a trip on her boat. Joy must clean the broken glasses of wine on the teak deck and this gives her the idea of making a broom-mop that wrings itself. In the garage of her father and with the financial assistance of Trudy, she creates an assembly workshop. A relationship of her ex husband allows her to meet Neil Walker, director of a TV shopping channel. Joy convinces Neil and gets the right to present her product: success in on the agenda…


Joy is a biopic but the film is presented like a Christmas tale but not just any tale. The narrator is the deceased grandmother of Joy and can be compared to a benevolent fairy. The heroine has experienced disillusionment of Prince Charming in the person of her ex husband but Tony will become against all odds her most faithful ally. Joy is the one who turns into a brave knight and her jealous stepsister could be likened to an evil witch…

We can see that the director sought to go beyond the mere biopic and that’s what makes the charm of the movie. The soundrack with its rock’n’roll vibes is nice for the ears and helps to give dynamism to the story.

joy_living room.jpg

The life of Joy is far from easy but the comic touches brought by the stupid soap opera idolized by her mother, forced cohabitation of the father and the former son in law, the caricature of the teleshopping universe and the confrontation with the Texan cowboys, make the film more friendly and refreshing.

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely accustomed to the roles of strong women and the role of Joy suits her perfectly. And it is with pleasure that we see Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper in the same movie again, they are good as usual and those three undoubtedly form a winning trio!


Joy is a beautiful ode to creativity, achievement of dreams, empowerment of women, entrepreneurship and family support. Go see it if it is not already done!

Have a nice evening 🙂



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