The power of hugs ♥

Dear readers,

Today is International Hug Day so I would like to write a poem about hugs. Enjoy reading!

hug day_bears

The power of hugs…

A hug is something magical,

Don’t underestimate its powers, it can work miracles,

This simple gesture can relieve your pain and clear your sadness,

This little mark of attention can bring you happiness.

You can hug someone without reason,

Just to warm their heart and face this cold season,

Just to show them that you are there for them,

Trust me, a sincere hug is priceless and has much more value than a gem.

A hug is a proof of affection,

It erases any feeling of rejection,

A hug is a symbol of tenderness,

We need this more than ever in this world plagued by madness.

A hug can be given to anyone indiscriminately,

Whether it be for a lover, a friend, someone in need or family,

The hug is a universal language,

It binds up the wounds and helps you cicatrize as a healing bandage.

Today is International Hug Day,

Don’t hesitate to give and receive hugs to brighten your shades of grey,

Do not forget that hugs are free,

Sometimes a hug is all you need to feel happy…

thanks 2

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Happy Hug Day to all of you 🙂

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