Short story number 32! (New version)

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is my thirty second short story, enjoy reading!

life it's all about balance

The one who wanted to lose weight.

Ludivine has always been a big eater since she was a baby. Until the end of adolescence, she could eat everything she wanted without putting on weight. But now, her metablism has changed and the unfortunate girl has gained five kilos in six months! The situation is starting to become disturbing. What the hell happened? After a month of depression where she hardly ate anything because of a breakup, Ludivine regained her pleasure in life and a pronounced taste for food. When you are single and not in the mood to seduce anyone, you end up eating whatever your heart desires without thinking about the consequences on your well-being…

Lately, her jeans started to get tight and Ludivine simply stopped wearing belts. But a few weeks after, they became too uncomfortable so she favored flowing dresses and flared skirts before reaching the tipping point: only jogging pants suit her now. Ludivine literally feels like Regina George in “Mean Girls” movie when all the students call her “Fat Ass”! It is a nightmare and she absolutely has to regain control of her life and weight. Size 6 is just a distant memory and saws her ribs now. Even size 8 became skin-tight! On the verge of tears and curled up in a fitting room, Ludivine feels mired into quicksand.

-“Ludi, are you ok? 

– No. It’s too tight.

So try the other pair of jeans!

BOTH jeans are too tight.

Do you want me to get the next size for you?

No thanks, Karen. I refuse to wear a size 10!

Why not? I wear a size 10 and I’m happy with that!

Cousin, you just had a baby, it’s different. Plus, you’re taller than me and you have beautiful curves. Your kilos are well distributed, unlike mine. Look, all the fat has crept into my thighs and my stomach, it’s horrible!

– Please, don’t exagerate! You’re still young, you will get through this…

If I’m already like that at twenty-three, how will I look like in ten years? I may die of morbid obesity!

Don’t be silly! If you don’t like your body, just work on it and stop complaining!

You’re right. Action must be taken quickly…

Do you want to go to another store?

No thanks, I’m done with shopping. It’s time to start a diet.

Ok, good luck then!”

Poor Ludivine! The quest for thinness is far from being easy. Pitfalls are mushrooming around her. Obstacle number one: parents. Even if she does not live with them anymore, every Sunday she has a mandatory family lunch. Ludivine’s parents do not eat a lot but they take some sadistic delight to force-feed her as if she was a Christmas goose!  When her plate is empty, they fill it automatically despite her soft protests. Starter-main-dessert doubled every Sunday is the worst enemy of the scale.

-“Thanks but no thanks, Mum, I’m full!

What are you talking about? You’re too skinny. Eat, honey!

Are you kidding me?! I’ve gained five kilos during the last six months and you didn’t even notice!

Really? It’s not that obvious…

Do you want some red wine, Lulu?

No thanks, Dad. I don’t drink alcohol anymore.

Oh my God! Are you pregnant?!

Of course not! Keep calm, Mum. I’m just trying to lose weight.

But you’re running every week! You’re always dressed in sportwear when we see you…

Dad, it’s because all my clothes became too tight for me! I’m not running. Only sweatpants suit me now.

But how do you do at work?

Don’t worry, I’m working for Decathlon!

Oh yes, true!

Honey, why don’t you buy new clothes? Are you broke?

I still have money, Mum. I just prefer to make savings and focus on my diet. If I buy new clothes, I will have less motivation to lose weight and I don’t want that. Now, the only solution I have is to get slimmer so I can wear my other clothes!

Do as you wish… Dessert?

Mum, please! Did you hear me?

Of course, honey, but I made a chocolate cake this morning! It’s your favourite one.

– Ok, but just a TINY slice. 

As you wish. I let you take the rest of the cake with you!

– But I’m on a d…

Do me a favor, please. You can run later!”

Obstacle number two: greedy friends and temptations. Winter has never been so cold, so invitations for raclette parties, “Galette des rois”, cheese fondue and tartiflette are multiplying, not to mention birthdays or any other excuse to party! Ludivine is not asocial and she is a faithful friend, so it is out of question to decline any invitation. She will have to be strategic! Now she moves by car for night outs to have an excuse not to drink alcohol, she talks a lot, dances like crazy, eats at the speed of a turtle, chews her food well and avoids desserts when she can. The days when she is alone, Ludivine only drinks a high protein milkshake for breakfast and she has meal replacements in the form of protein bars with chocolate or lemon taste, depending on her mood. These meal substitutes are very thick and  it looks like crunching wet sand bars, so it cuts off her urge to eat! When the days are too long and Ludivine feels tempted, she drinks flavored tea or chews a sugar free gum…

Obstacle number three: winter is too cold to run outside. Luckily, you can play sports inside. Ludivine took the habit of doing apartment bike every day while listening to music and she goes to the swimming pool every Wednesday after work. The first days of efforts are difficult but gradually, she learns to adopt a healthy lifestyle which no longer appears as a constraint but more as evidence! Over the weeks, her silhouette gets more toned and refined, Ludivine becomes more enduring and she can finally put some of her old favourite clothes.

Obstacle number four: keeping the good habits! Indeed, a healthy lifestyle is not something that you give up after a few weeks or months.  It is a state of mind to maintain daily, not to say your whole life. Ludivine stopped the meal replacements after a month because she missed the pleasure of eating. She decided to continue to play sports and she learned to cook tasty and healthy dishes with the help of a dietitian, while allowing anti-dietetic delights from time to time. Now Ludivine knows how to control her appetite, maintain a healthy body weight and continue to indulge without going overboard. She is not immune to regain a few kilos but she is able to restructure the balance of her life.

Love, family, friends or other, we all have reasons to lose control but this is not a reason to sink. Life is a succession of ups and downs. The key is to bounce back, whatever the hurddles, whatever the time it takes…

thanks 2

Hope you enjoyed this short story. Have a nice evening 🙂








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