Let’s speak Frenglish with Paul Taylor! My review of his “#Franglais” show!

Hello theater lovers!

Yesterday evening, I went to see Paul Taylor on stage at the SoGymnase Comedy Club in Paris. It was for the third performance of his show #Franglais and I loved it! I thought it would be a good idea to make a review for my readers since the theme matches my blog. Indeed, this is a stand-up comedy 50% in French and 50% in English. English performances are very rare in Paris and shows in French AND English are even rarer! Here is my review of #Franglais, enjoy!

franglais_paul taylor

What does it talk about? France is full of subtleties in social life, politeness, etiquette and cultural rites, sometimes difficult to identify for visitors from other countries…  Paul is English and lives in France for six years. He speaks French without accent but he thinks like a British guy, so he is a bit confused about his identity. Nothing is simple in France. Knowing how many kisses to do to say hello is the most intractable problem to solve, French people can not count correctly, they invent anglicisms, their English pronunciation sucks and can cause confusions… So many questions concern Paul! This is why he quit his job at Apple to go on stage and find some answers!

Funny, friendly, dynamic and enthusiastic, Paul Taylor is full of energy and takes us for one hour of fun! His theories and stagings on the origin of false anglicisms are hilarious, it is funny to see him move from one character to another, and some of his anecdotes are troubling truth! The transition from French to English or vice versa is well balanced, and English is quite understandable for French speaking “a little bit” English :p

Conclusion: #Franglais is pure entertainment, the show is authentic and full of humor and freshness. Thank you for this good slice of laughter, Paul!

You can book your tickets on the website https://www.weezevent.com/franglais. For now, the show is free, you just have to buy a drink and give what you want to the artist at the end of the show. Be generous and hurry up, #Franglais is enormously successful!

See you soon 🙂


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