The objectives that I have realized since the beginning of 2016!

Dear readers,

It’s been two weeks since we passed to 2016. This is only the beginning but I think that 2016 is starting well for me. Here are the objectives that I have realized since the beginning of 2016!

1. I got a new diploma! Indeed, I started a new training in September 2015 and I got my official certification of web writer on January 5, 2016, yay!!!

graduate panda.jpg

2. The interview about my blooks was finally published! On December 7, 2015, I created two blooks of poems and short stories from my blog on a website called BlookUp. The BlookUp team interviewed me during the Christmas holidays to have my opinion about the realization of the blooks, and they published the interview on their blog two days ago! Here is the link of my interview in French if you want to have a look on it:


3. I’m not unemployed! I am working since October 2015 and it feels good to be active and earn wages. Next objective will be to find a job that matches my new degree!

pandas at work.jpg

4. I have a new red bag! Big, branded and made of leather. I think it’s my first grown-up handbag… Blessed be the Winter Sale!

sac guess rouge.jpg

5. I got a beautiful Desigual dress! I dreamed of this for months and the dream finally come true, I love it!

robe desigual.png

6. I keep writing! I no longer write every day because of work but I remain faithful to my passion. Writing a novel in English is still a goal to achieve!

just keep writing

7. People are still reading my blog around the world! “How to survive in Paris” exceeded 23,000 visits since the beginning and it’s a pleasure to see that readers from all five continents are following my articles. Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me!


And you, what are your objectives for this year? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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