How to enjoy Winter Sale!

Hello shopping addicts!

The sales season started last Wednesday in Paris and all the shops are abuzz. Like most of the girls I like shopping but I refuse to become crazy or ruin my day (and my wallet) for a few items. Here are 9 tips to enjoy sales!

1. Avoid shopping during Wednesdays and weekends! Because mums with toddlers swarm as there is no school on Wednesday and everyone chooses to go to the stores on weekend because they are working during all week.

no weekend.jpg

2. Prefer lunch time or after work to do your shopping! If you choose the lunch break option, take a sandwich with you to gain strength and not faint in the stores! After work, people are generally tired and go straight home so you still have one or two hours to visit some shops…

sandwich.jpg3. Go shopping with someone who has the same dress size than you and who agrees to share clothes! Speaking of relatives or good friends for instance. Of course, you need to have the same tastes to make it work! Last year, I bought a beautiful perfecto with my sister and we only paid half price each. It’s an opportunity to acquire beautiful items without breaking the bank!

sister shopping

4.Go shopping with your mum! Like this, you can have a good time with her, and if she is kind and generous like any self-respecting mum, she will surely offer you something! And if it’s not the case, please don’t sulk. She is still your mum and your love her, right?

shopping with mom

5. Prefer quality over quantity! The goal is not to buy a mountain of items of poor quality but to leave the store with things that will last and that you really like, don’t you think? For now, I managed to get a beautiful handbag and a nice dress, and that’s enough to make me happy!

quality quantity

6. Withdraw cash and don’t use your credit card! It will prevent you from spending all your money…

no credit card 2

7. Try the clothes before buying! Because bad surprises are the last thing you need and most of sale items cannot be returned or exchanged… For your own survival, avoid to come to the shops with high heels and prefer confortable clothes that are easy to take off!

cabine d'essayage 2.jpg

8. You better have someone with you! Because they can give you their opinion and queuing by chatting is always more fun than waiting alone!


9. Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap! Buy it because you are 100% sure that you want it and that you already know what you’re going to wear with it. Like this, you will avoid impulsive and unnecessary purchases!


Hope these 9 tips will allow you to enjoy Winter Sale! Have a nice shopping time! 🙂


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