My review of “Mistress America”!

Hello movie fans!

The poster had already caught my attention in the metro and the trailer was tempting, so I decided to go to the cinema yesterday night to watch Mistress America and I have not been disappointed. Here is my review of this feel-good movie, enjoy!

Mistress America is an American comedy directed by Noah Baumbach with Greta Gerwig, Lola Kirke, Heather Lind and Cindy Cheung. The film was released in France since January 6, 2015.

Mistress America_two sisters.jpg

What’s the story? Tracy is 18 years old, she is studying in New York and her dream is to become a writer. She feels lonely, has only one friend and her life is not exciting at all. Everything changes when she meets her soon-to-be stepsister Brooke who lives in Times Square. Seduced by the extravagances of Brooke, Tracy finally discovers the Manhattan life she was dreaming about…


Mistress America is above all a tandem movie carried by two diametrically opposed sisters. Brooke is a popular New Yorker, eccentric and full of life who cumulates odd jobs and lives more in her dreams than in reality. Tracy is the baby sister who has just left her province, high school and her family. She is more rational but still inexperienced. She is looking for a mentor and a model in her life.

mistress america_restaurant.jpg

The first part of the movie shows us the development of the emerging bond between the two sisters through the streets and trendy places in New York. Brooke tries to play the role of the big sister but we soon realize that she is still a child-like woman who knows nothing about investments and entrepreneurship. Tracy is quite mature at uni but there are times when she is completely lost and childish when she calls her mum and her friend urgently just to choose a pasta box for example! Yet she will be convincing and supportive by helping her sister to talk about her unrealistic project…

mistress america_pasta.jpg

The second part of the movie is more burlesque, theatrical and turns into a score settling, whether it be with the best enemy, the ex from high school, love rivalry or family betrayal! Desillusionment, the truth in the face and tearing of a relationship that we thought solid are spectacular, explosive and delectable, we have the feeling to be in the theater…

mistress america_connecticut.jpg

Mistress America is colorful, vibrant and full of life. We have our share of funny situations and emotions, and the soundtrack is catchy with influences from the eighties. It makes you want to go to New York!

Go see this movie, good entertainment is guaranteed 🙂



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