Short story number 30!

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is my thirtieth short story, enjoy reading!

k-drama drawing

Those who loved the Korean dramas…

Cléa no longer believes in love. All the stories she had ended badly, even if sometimes she left first, for pride. By looking around her, she can not help but feel depressed. When her friends celebrate their five years together, move in together, are about to get married or even expect their first child, she feels like a retarded teenager or a lost little girl. Marriage and babies are definitely not her priority since she is single, has not found the right person and feels too immature to handle this stuff. She is just jealous of those lucky people who met in high school and are still together despite the passage of years! Cléa is only twenty-five years old but already feels that she is wasting her life. In her moments of absolute pessimism, she thinks that she will end up like her great-aunt Chloé, the old maid of the family who lives alone with her three cats. The only man that Cléa loved has gone and will never come back so she no longer expects anything of love… Now that she is single again, her one and only passion consists in watching Korean dramas dipped in rose water. At least it allows her to laugh and dream at the same time…

Nino is an eternal optimist. He thinks that things happen for a reason and that all problems have a solution. He decided to keep only good memories of his previous relationships and forget the bad ones. Freshly single at thirty years old, he has the feeling that he still has his whole life ahead of him. Plus, he is a man so he does not have the pressure of the biological clock spinning. Nino recently discovered the Korean dramas on the Internet thanks to one of his Asian friends and developed an addiction to these tragicomic series tinged with romance. He approves the lifestyle of these adult characters who still live like big kids and are not in a hurry to start a family.

Cléa registered to attend a private event organized in Paris. “I love Korean dramas” is dedicated to the fans of the greatest idols that have revolutionized the South Korean culture. It includes the screening of the two best dramas for which Internet users voted, a quiz on the theme of k-dramas, a Korean buffet and a private sale of derivative products. Of course, the number of participants was limited and those who managed to be on the guest list feel like they are the kings of the world! Cléa did not find anyone to accompany her but she does not care and remains faithful to her passion. The idea of seeing nice k-dramas on giant screen, meeting other people with the same focus and enjoying a tasty meal delights her. 

Nino also came alone to the event. Very sociable, he has no trouble sympathizing with new people and gathering around a shared passion can only be beneficial for the evening. Plus, there is an open buffet, he can not miss it! There are about fifty participants, he will surely meet nice people… The organizers ask participants to have a seat in the projection room. The seats are not numbered so you have to hurry to find a good place. Nino notices an empty seat in the fifth row, on the left of a young girl. She lets him sit without protest, tells him her name is Cléa and they are left in the dark, the projection is going to start…

An interval of ten minutes takes place after the screening of the first Korean drama to give people time to use the bathroom or drink something. Nino and Cléa briefly share their impressions and start to get to know each other. It is quite naturally that they sit next to each other for the second film.

At the end of the screening, it is quiz time. The organizers ask participants not to leave their seats, questions will be broadcasted on screen. The room is divided into four teams, Nino and Cléa are in the blue team. They sympathize with a young Asian couple, South African twin brothers, an eccentric Franco-American student and two other Parisian girls who came dressed as Korean schoolgirls. The quiz includes a series of twenty questions, the winning team will be rewarded with goodies from the two k-dramas viewed. The candidates are in a state of turmoil and at the end of the game, the blue team is declared winner! Nino, Cléa and their new friends share key chains, mouse pads, postcards, pens and canvas bags before going to the buffet room.

At the end of the evening, it is time to say goodbye. Nino suggests to go for a last drink in a bar but most of them are tired and prefer to go home. Only Cléa accepts and this is how they begin their first date…

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Hope you enjoyed this short story. Have a nice day 🙂


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