Happy New Year!

Dear readers,

I’m ready to blog again. Here is a new poem to start 2016, happy new year!

happy 2016.jpg

Happy New Year!

The end of year festivities are over,

It’s time to start a new chapter,

The return to work is not easy,

It’s like having to run when you are wheezy!

We hope that 2016 will be better than last year,

We want to live without fear,

Everyone has a lot of dreams and projects to achieve,

Some would just like to stop to grieve.

Every new year appears like a fresh start, a new chance to seize,

You are the master of your destiny, the one who holds the keys,

See 2016 as a beautiful year full of promise and hope,

There is nothing you cannot cope.

If you believe you can change the world,

If you dare to take actions to give life to your words,

Happiness is within reach, my dear,

So raise your head and enjoy this new year…

thanks 4

Hope you enjoyed this poem. All the best for 2016, hugs ♥


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    1. Thank you, best wishes from Paris 🙂


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