New Year’s pressure :p

Hello world!

Who doesn’t know New Year’s pressure? Every year it’s the same problem. Here is a selection of elements that put us under pressure, enjoy!

1. You cannot spend the New Year with ALL your friends! Some are abroad, some are stuck with their family, some hesitate between 10 different evenings and will notify you at the last minute, some prefer to stay in their relationship bubble, the list goes on. One thing is clear: you have to make a choice!

friends new year.png

2. You feel obliged to have an awesome program! Society wants everybody to make merry and party all night. So you have to do your best to have fun, even if sometimes you’d rather stay at home with takeaway, hot chocolate and Disney movies… But this is impossible. It goes against manners!

legendary barney

3. You got it, you cannot stay alone! Your 4 possible options are friends, couple, family or total strangers! People would be afraid that you kill yourself or sink into depression if you stay home alone…

home alone

4. You have to find a nice outfit! Not to look like a cheesy. Because people will inevitably take pictures and publish everything on Facebook, Instagram and other. You have to shine, whether you like it or not! Indeed, the world needs to know that your life is awesome so try to look happy!

suit up barney

5. You cannot be drunk too early! It would be a nightmare if you fell asleep at 10:00 pm and missed midnight countdown! Shame on you forever…not to mention embarrassing pictures that could be taken without your knowledge…


6. You cannot be drunk at all! This applies only if you are driving, if you are pregnant or if you are underage. Being the only sober person might not be very funny…

you cannot drink.jpg

7. Midnight kisses! Imagine if you’re the only single person surrounded by couples… Better to spend New Year with single friends in that case. Anyway, you will be obliged to kiss everyone, whether you are close or not!

midnight kiss_friends

8. New Year’s wishes! They begin at midnight and you will have to spread them until the end of January. Face to face, on the phone, by text, email, on social networks, by carrier pigeon…to EVERYONE and with a smile please.

happy new year

9. The New Year’s resolutions! Even if they are not your cup of tea and you don’t need this bullshit, people will always ask you what are yours.

new year resolutions

Good luck and hold on, it’s just once a year. Wish you a lovely New Year’s Eve anyway. Hugs 🙂



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