What you need to know 2 days before New Year’s Eve!

Hello mates!

We have just digested the Christmas leftovers and we must already think of the New Year, time flies so fast! In general, we always know with whom we will spend Christmas but New Year is a different story! Here is what you need to know two days before New Year’s Eve, get ready…

1. Where? In your country or abroad? If you are traveling, you have to book your train or plane tickets, accommodation and budget your stay… Will you be the host or a guest? Does the evening take place outdoors or in someone’s place? The organization and the evening’s costs depend on these elements!

where are you going

2. With who? This information is paramount. We don’t behave the same with family, boyfriend or girlfriend, close friends, acquaintances or total strangers! Knowing how many guests will be present will also set the tone for the evening…

guest list.jpg

3. What kind of party is it? Evening at home? Buffet? Costume party? Outing in a night club? Succession of several parties? Always ask the theme of the evening in advance to get into the mood!


4. What should you bring? If you are invited to someone’s place, assign everyone what to bring to have a fair balance between the appetizers, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, dishes and desserts. If you attend an external event, don’t forget your ID, your invitation and your wallet! In any case, always provide a budget for a taxi, not to mention your phone with charger and power bank, it’s safer…


5. What will you wear? It depends on the evening’s theme. Be well dressed if you go in night clubs, it would be sad to spend New Year in the street…

royal-blue-pageant-party-dress-misses-size.jpg6. How are you going home? If you are driving, don’t consume any alcohol for your safety and the one of your passengers. You can also book a taxi or stay at a friend’s place if you are not able to go home alone. Have fun but stay safe!

taxi paris

Hope these 6 tips will help you organize your New Year’s Eve. See you soon 🙂


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