Waiting for Christmas…

Hello poetic souls!

Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

Christmas loading

Waiting for Christmas…

Christmas Eve is coming,

The garlands of the Christmas tree are flashing,

I managed to wrap my Christmas gifts yesterday,

Now I’m waiting for the big day!

I look forward to finding out what we will eat,

Tonight I return to the family home and I will enjoy its gentle heat,

Christmas is an opportunity to gather with family,

Everybody puts his presents under the Christmas tree.

Tomorrow we fly to Italy,

I like spending Christmas in another country,

Making merry abroad is always exciting,

Christmas magic is undoubtedly enchanting.

As a kid, I count the hours left,

Christmas is coming soon and I can’t wait,

My advent calendar is almost empty,

I can’t wait to discover the surprises that await me…

thanks 4

Hope you enjoyed this poem, have a lovely day! 🙂

Notice to my readers: I’m taking a few days off so I won’t blog until Sunday included. See you on December 29, Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


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