Short story number 29!

Dear aspiring writers,

Here is my twenty-ninth short story, enjoy reading!

christmas heart

Last rush before Christmas…

Thalie dreads the last rush before Christmas. She has only two days left before Christmas Eve and she did not buy any Christmas gift yet. Every year she vows to take care of it in advance but every year her procrastination gets the upper hand! She did not dare to take a day off to do her Christmas shopping so she has to shop during her lunch break and after office hours. The mere thought of overcrowded stores gives her cold sweats but she has to go there and fight to find a gift to all her family members. At 6:00 pm on the dot, she puts on her coat and runs to the shopping center located ten minutes from her workplace. She still has one hour and twenty minutes to buy as many presents…

Evan did not want to listen to the advice of his friends and ends up in the difficult position to buy all his Christmas presents in emergency. The mall remains the more practical solution. He hates shopping but now it is too late to order on the Internet. After completing his last calls, Evan rushes to the shopping center, determined to buy the maximum possible gifts. It is already 6:15 pm and the stores close at 7:30 pm. He really has to hurry…

In the Fnac store of Italie 2 shopping center…

Thalie is watching the DVDS rows. There are always special offers for Christmas. Indeed, right now you can have six Disney DVDs for fifty euros. This is very timely. Thalie has two nieces and a nephew who are Disney fanatics. After calling her sister to check the films they have not yet, she frantically grabs “Frozen”, “Wreck-it Ralph”, “Tangled”, “Toy Story 3” and “Ratatouille”. “Big Hero 6” is the last on the list. It remains only a single copy of it. The young man in front of her has also noticed it and they catch the DVD at the same time!

-“Excuse me, I saw it first!

– I don’t think so, just take another one!

– Are you kidding me?! This is the last copy of “Big Hero 6”, I need it for my nephew!

– Really? What a spoiled child! You have already five DVDs in your arms! 

I need six to get the special offer and all the DVDs are not for him. I also have two little nieces. And don’t insult Félix, you don’t even know him!

It was not my intention, sorry. But do you really have to take “Big Hero 6”?  There are plenty of other great movies here!

If so, why do you absolutely want this one?

Because I need it for my collection…

How can you be so selfish? I thought you were doing shopping for your family!

I mean it’s for my little brother, it’s still family!

I see… and how old is he?


Don’t try to trick me! How do you expect me to believe that this DVD is for a baby under two?! They must be at least three years old to understand! Felix is six years old so give me this DVD! Think about the children.

Ok, my brother is twenty-two but he loves this movie!

This is also Félix’s favourite movie. So please, give me this DVD and nobody gets hurt.

Are you a psycho?! 

No, just an awesome auntie who wants to please her nephew and survive Christmas without problem. Your brother is twenty-two, he can understand if the store has a shortage of DVDs. You can’t say that to a kid who still believes in Santa!

Ok, I will ask the seller if they have more in reserve.

Thank you so much! You will make a kid happy.

No playin’ on my soft heart, please.

Sorry.  Can I do something for you to make amends?

– Are you sure? You don’t have to!

– I’ve been odious with you, it’s the least I can do.

– Ok then. Can we have a drink together after shopping?

– Sure…”

Finally, Evan manages to get another copy of “Big Hero 6” but the two young people decide to finish their last Christmas shopping together to show solidarity and because they also secretly feel attracted to each other. Thalie and Evan are almost the same age, twenty-six and twenty-seven years old, they both work in Paris 13 and they both have a big family. After having splurged at Sephora and Darty store, our two friends finally sit around a well-deserved cocktail. They get along so well that they agree to meet again on the following day for lunch. 

To think that it all started because of a Disney DVD…  Morality: disputes can sometimes give rise to great stories!

thanks 12

Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you soon 🙂





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  1. fariiisthaa says:

    Nice story 🙂 Yes, what we deem ordinary could turn into something unexpected. If you are interested, you could check out my blog. I write stories and poems 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate 🙂 I will check out your blog. Creative writing is a passion! 🙂

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