5 questions you don’t want to hear during the end of year fest!

Hello everyone!

We have all experienced at least once in our lives dinners or end of the year parties which were slightly thwarted by sore points! Here are 5 questions you absolutely don’t want to hear at this time of the year…

1. When will you get a real job? Your life is yours but there are always people to criticize or judge your work life. What do you mean by “real” job? Apart from the fictitious and illegal employment, fake professions do  not exist! All work is valuable work, the last thing we need is to suffer the comparison with other. Each individual is unique, has his own potential and progress at their own pace, ok? And remember that we are in an economic crisis! Everybody tries to do it the best way they can… Better to have a job than nothing. End of Discussion.

real job_bill

2. What do you plan to do with your life? I hate these pseudo-existential questions. We have to answer it since kindergarten! Nothing is fixed, people, projects and circumstances are constantly changing and again, this is our concern, not yours. And when you have the honesty to reveal your plans, there are always people to break your dreams! So just wait and see… Change of topic.

plan life

3. How’s your love life? This question can be really painful if you are still single or if you have been dumped in the year. Once again, this is your life but people always feel obliged to put their two cents. You don’t want to hear any “poor thing”, “that’s so sad”, “don’t worry, you will find someone”, “hurry up, you’re not eighteen anymore”or “what’s wrong with you”! So answer only if you are about to get married or if you are expecting a child! Otherwise, keep it under your hat and return the question: “When are you going to split up?” if they continue to bother you…

love life meme

4. When are you going to grow up? “Never!” or “One day”are probably not the answer they expect so what’s the point to ask? We are who we are and nobody should try to change us. Our time will come…but not today. In the meantime it’s party time so let us enjoy our youth and inner child!

i can't adult

5. What are your New Year resolutions? Not making good resolutions! No need to put pressure on us. If we really want something, we do it, no need to say it…  How many people make a huge list of objectives and don’t achieve any of them because they get discouraged by themselves? Just try to be happy, it’s already a good start…


And you, which questions bother you at the end of the year? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Have a nice weekend 🙂


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