Winter daydreaming…

Hello budding poets!

It’s been a while since my last poem. Here is my composition of the day, enjoy reading!

snowmen love

Winter daydreaming…

December 15, she is dressed all in black,

She looks out the window and thinks back to last year.

He had promised her he would come back,

And her heart was racing as and as the days drew near.

She remembers that thirteen months before, he made it clear that he liked her,

Both happy and scared, she did not dare to encourage him,

They said goodbye as friends but their feelings were in the blur,

She gave him a big hug and realized they were on the same team. 

He kept his promise and they met at the train station.

Very happy to see him again, she told him she missed him

And kissed him first, watching for his reaction.

Hopefully he felt the same way and took her hand, full of vim. 

Last year, winter became her favourite season

Because she never felt such happiness,

She remembers the kisses until no breath, hugs, laughter and smiles for no reason,

There was no tear or doubt, but only love and tenderness.

Lost in her thoughts, she allows herself to dream,

She knows that this story is over, 

Memories are clouded, magic disappears into steam,

But she makes this wish one last time, hoping they can go back to December…

thanks 4

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Hugs 🙂

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