Short story number 28!

Dear readers,

Here is my twenty-eighth short story, enjoy reading!

coeur de toutes les couleurs

A melting pot romance.

Calie is a French American of twenty-seven years old. She was born in New York but her family moved to Paris when she was three years old. She has always been divided between two cultures and her mum enrolled her in a bilingual school from kindergarten. After high school, she came back to the United States to study business. After working for two years in a company specialized in five-star gastronomy, she got tired of New York life and the world of luxury. So she decided to return to France because she was missing Paris. For now, she lives with her childhood friend Kim in Paris 14 and she is looking for a new job…

Samuel is a French-Vietnamese. He embodies the perfect cliché of Vietnamese. All his family members are either doctors or engineers. Samuel graduated from a prestigious Parisian engineering school and he works in a reputable company in La Défense district. He still lives in the family apartment while waiting to find the girl and the flat of his dreams. As a well educated son, he pays his share of shopping, warns his parents when he does not dine or sleep at home, cleans his room and avoids bringing girls home, his parents associating any girlfriend to a possible future wife. At twenty-eight years old, he still wants to enjoy his young adult life without pressure. Samuel feels closer to the European culture but continues to meet some Vietnamese traditions dear to his parents such as funeral commemorations and wishes in Vietnamese to the whole family every year. 

In Kim’s apartment, in Boulevard du Montparnasse…

-“Calie, do you mind if my cousin Samuel joins us tonight for dinner? I haven’t seen him for months and he still hasn’t seen my new flat…

Of course he can come, Kim! It’s your flat and your family after all. I can go out so you can have plenty of time to catch up…

Don’t be silly, Cal’! I want you to meet him as well.

Ok then. I can bake cookies for dessert!

You’re a doll and I love your cookies! 

Thank you, it’s my New York heritage.


Just kidding, I found the recipe on Marmiton website!

Never mind, they’re still awesome! Oh, could you make the triple chocolate cookies please? They’re my favourite…

As you wish, greedy!

I’ll be on night shift tomorrow so I need strength to take good care of the patients…

Ok Doctor Kim. And what did you plan for the main course tonight? 

What about a Bo Bun with nems?

Perfect! I am going to the supermarket to buy the chocolate chips. Do you need something?

I am going to Tang Frères store in Convention district now, thanks.

At what time is Samuel coming?

8:00 pm, we still have time!…”

Calie is arranging her cookies in nice plates when someone rings the intercom. Kim is getting dressed in her room and asks her flatmate to answer for her. It is 8:00 pm on the dot. Samuel is someone ponctual like most Asians.

When she opens the door, Calie discovers a young man much more attractive than she thought. Samuel is tall and athletic and not short and skinny like in clichés, he does not seem shy and looks rather extroverted. He has beautiful and playful dark eyes, and artistically tousled hair. He does not have glasses and wears casual clothing: a stonedwashed pair of jeans, a white V-neck sweater,  navy blue Vans shoes, a black winter coat and an Eastpak shoulder bag in the same color. A cool and trendy student look…

Samuel mentally admires the young woman in front of him. Calie looks like a healthy model. She is tall, slender with nice curves, she has chestnut brown shoulder-length hair, gorgeous hazel eyes and a fresh complexion. She wears a maroon dress-sweater with long sleeves, fantasy tights and lovely black boots. Plus, her smile is both sincere and attractive…

Kim finally joins them and the three young people settle around the coffee table for an aperitif. Half an hour later, Kim goes back to the kitchen to finish preparing her Bo Bun and asks Calie to show the apartment to her cousin. It is the first time that they meet but Calie gets along very well with Samuel.

Kim’s Bo Bun is a success and Calie’s cookies disappear in a flash. At the end of the evening, Samuel warmly thanks the two girls and promises his cousin to come back soon. Kim innocently asks her friend what she thinks of Samuel. Calie is so enthusiastic that her flatmate proposes to organize a movie and pancake night in the following week.

For his part, Samuel finds more and more excuses to go to the girls’ apartment, often unexpectedly. One Friday night, he is here to give Kim’s DVDs back but she is on night shift in the hospital. Calie naturally asks if he wants to stay for dinner and the young man happily accepts. They order pizza, share a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pot and discuss the whole night. 

When Samuel finally checks the time, the last metro has already passed. He wants to call a taxi but Calie wants to make him stay.

-“I don’t want you to go…”

The words just exploded from her lips and Calie suddenly feels ashamed. Samuel simply smiles at her and suggests that he sleeps on the couch. Glad that he did not run away, Calie gives him a pillow and a blanket, and they kiss for the first time. After about ten kisses, they go to the bathroom to wash their teeth, Kim has always toothbrushes aside for the guests. Then it is time to say good night, Calie goes to her room, leaving Samuel in the living room.

The next morning, the couch is folded and Calie discovers that Samuel has prepared a tasty breakfast for both of them: scrambled eggs, toasts of jam, orange juice and hot chocolate! Calie looks so surprised that he promises to do the shopping just after to pay back what he used in the kitchen. The young woman laughs and thanks him, touched by his delicate attention. 

Calie and Samuel feel so good that they spend the whole day together. When Kim comes back from the hospital, she does not look surprised when she sees them both entwined on the couch, and she warmly congratulates them. 

Three weeks later, Calie gets an interview and a new job in Neuilly sur Seine. She is not far from Samuel’s workplace so they take the habit to wait for the other to go home together, even if Samuel does not always stay the night. They gradually officialize their relationship by meeting the respective friends of each and one day, Samuel finally introduces Calie to his family who welcomes her smoothly. Few weeks after, Calie’s parents also accept the young man without difficulty. Calie learns to become familiar with Vietnamese culture and share some American traditions with her boyfriend. 

When Kim announces them that she will go on a humanitarian mission for two years and wants to rent her apartment again, it is quite naturally that Calie and Samuel decide to move in together…

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Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you soon 🙂







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