Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Hello world!

Today is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! This is the opportunity to wear a Christmas Sweater without fear of ridicule. Here is a selection of ideas for you, have fun!

1. The reindeer sweater! Bridget Jones fans agree: Mark Darcy is THE ambassador of the reindeer sweater. British charm in all its glory…

pull renne

2. The snowman sweater! Frozen addicts, rejoice: Olaf has a sweater with his effigy, yay!

pull Olaf

3. The Christmas tree sweater! This is a poisoned gifted that makes you want to keep a low profile. Just stand like a post for greater effect…

pull sapin

4. The Santa sweater! There is nothing more corny. Ho, ho, ho!

santa sweater

5.  The penguin sweater! The advantage is that you will look more childish than ridiculous. It’s still cute… I bought one the other day!

pull pingouin

And you, what will you wear for this special day? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater! 😀





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