What you need to know two weeks before Christmas!

Hello world!

It’s already December 11, Christmas Eve is coming soon and we have only 13 days left. Oh my God, time flies so fast! At this crucial time of the year, here is what you should already know before the big day arrives…

1. Where will you spend Christmas? In your country or abroad? At your place or in the family home? This question will determine the size and the nature of your gifts. If you are going abroad, you should consider taking non bulky gifts that are consistent with legislation Airport. If you spend Christmas at your place, it doesn’t matter if you have large gifts. You will also be able to be prepared for food matters. If you are traveling, you can always buy food and drinks on site. If you are hosting, you have to think on the menu and make a list…

where should you spend christmas

2. How many people will be there? Small group, romantic dinner or big family reunion? The number of guests is crucial for the organization!

who is coming to christmas

3. The organization of the Christmas dinner! If you are the host, be prepared to spend a lot of time to shop and cook, not to mention the home decoration, household and table plan… If you have the chance to be a guest, just ask the host what you need to bring such as wine, champagne, appetizers or dessert for example.

christmas table

4. The number of Christmas gifts to buy! It depends on the number of guests, ideally one gift per person. But you can still provide a common gift for couples and parents, everything depends on the time you have and your budget. However, avoid common gifts for children if you don’t want to trigger a nuclear war…

christmas gift list

5. Your budget for Christmas gifts! Everyone has different income so don’t play the great lords if you have trouble paying your rent or if you are simply broke. It’s the thought that counts. Christmas is above all a moment of sharing and conviviality. Think about DIY or offer a symbolic gift if you are short of money… The important thing is to set yourself a budget not to exceed and to comply with it. Never break the bank for a gift, your loved ones may feel guilty!

christmas gifts budget

6. The delivery time for gifts ordered on the Internet! If you absolutely want to avoid going through the very expensive Chronopost option, now it’s time to make your last orders! It takes about a week to be delivered so don’t wait until the last minute! Even a week before Christmas would be too tight: if the delivery is not in accordance with your order, you will be damned… This is not what you want, is it?

christmas delivery

7. Your deadline to buy all your Christmas gifts! You must have ALL your gifts at least one week before Christmas, it’s a matter of survival to avoid the stress of the last rush before D-Day…

christmas bags

8. Your deadline to wrap all the Christmas gifts! Don’t wait until the day before or the same day because this thankless task requires a lot of time, energy, courage and motivation! Trust me, I know what I’m talking about and the last thing you want is to be short of wrapping paper, tape and curling ribbon! And don’t forget this precious tip: when a gift is wrapped, stick a label with the name of the person who will receive it, not to mention the name of the sender (I guess it’s you) to avoid any unfortunate confusion…

christmas wrapped

9. The choice of your Christmas outfit! Check your wardrobe and go shopping only if it’s necessary. Don’t break the bank and don’t wait until the last minute, it’s just common sense!

christmas dress

10. The checking process! Check your gifts, your outfit and what you are supposed to provide for the Christmas dinner a few days before the party. Like this, you still have time for last-minute adjustments and you should overcome this test with flying colors!

christmas to-do-list

Hope these 10 tips will allow you to feel more serene before Christmas Eve, xoxo 🙂


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