10 gifts you don’t want to receive for Christmas!

Hello mates!

Christmas gifts became the obsession of the moment in commercials, catalogs, stores an so on…then it’s burdensome! What if we talk about Christmas gifts to avoid? Here is an anthology of 10 gifts that could be useless for Christmas, enjoy!

1. A (ridiculous) knitted sweater! DIY is not always a good idea, especially when it comes to knitted sweaters! It takes time and the result is often ugly, sorry. Our dear Mark Darcy knows what we are talking about…


2. A (soporific) dictionary or an encyclopedia! Is it a punishment? I don’t know anything more boring and Google is our best friend when we need to do some research. Please keep it for yourself!


3. Socks! We are not house-elves who are dreaming of freedom, stop watching Harry Potter! This gift completely sucks. Why don’t you offer underwear while you’re about it?!

sock doby

4. A recipe book for broke students! Or any other cookbook. Usually we prefer look on the Internet. And even if the book looks good, we are too lazy to try a single recipe! Thanks, but no thanks…

student cookbook

5. Pyjamas! This is the perfect gift to make you damned ashamed, especially if you didn’t choose them. And it implies that you are too poor to buy pyjamas or that you sleep naked…

christmas pyjamas

6. A  (cheap) perfume! A perfume is something very personal because it is part of our personality. If you didn’t choose it and don’t like it, what’s the point? You will NEVER wear it! It’s like receiving a poisoned gift…

olaf perfume

7. An iron! It applies for boys and girls and it implies that you wear wrinkled clothes! Personally, I NEVER iron my clothes and I can live without it…


8. A sewing set! I think it’s a macho gift and it implies that you should better learn to sew! No thanks…

sewing set9. A smartbox! I don’t like smartbox or wonderbox because you have too many choices, you have to make the booking yourself and you are often too lazy to do it so the offer expires when you realize you have to use it!


10. Money! This is the most impersonal Christmas gift! Even if money is useful, it’s like the other was too lazy to choose you a Christmas gift and implicitly asks you to buy it yourself…

christmas money

And you, what are the worst Christmas gifts for you? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion! Have a nice weekend 🙂


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