5 things that stress us when Christmas is coming!

Hello everybody!

Christmas is coming soon… We only have twenty-one days left, help! Because we have to be realistic, here are 5 particularly stressful situations when Christmas is coming, enjoy!

1. Not having any idea for Christmas gifts! In general, even if you ask your relatives what they want, they are not very cooperative because they don’t know themselves or they want to be surprised or they are afraid of being too demanding… So it’s up to you to find THE great idea by yourself, life is so hard!

what do you want for christmas

2. Not finding what you are looking for! When you finally know what you have to buy, it is usually too late. Your gift may be out of stock and the tresure hunt turns into a competitive sport! Good luck to get to all the stores and websites possible…

out of stock

3. Exceeding your budget! Prices are not necessarily the same everywhere and sometimes you end up paying full price because your gift is in danger of extinction, you had to order it online and choose the express shiping option because time is running out and you absolutely must receive pre-Christmas delivery!

out of budget

4. Having to wrap the gifts! This is one of my worst nightmares. I spend three hours on this thankless task to get a result worthy of a kindergarten child! Seriously, if you can have your gifts wrapped by the staff of the shop, choose this option, it will save your time and your life…

wrapping bad

5. Not knowing what to wear as a Christmas outfit! I happened to wear the same outfit for two consecutive Christmas because I had no idea at all, I didn’t have time to buy new clothes or the clothing stores offered only ugly dresses or dresses which were not in my size! So sad…

poor cinderella

And you, which situations stress you for Christmas? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. xoxo 🙂


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