Short story number 26!

Hello budding writers!

New challenge, new story! Here is my twenty-sixth short story, enjoy reading!

love is like a camera

Child’s play.

Loane is twenty-six years old. She is a teacher in charge of a Kindergarten class. She is passionate about creative activities and has never lost her inner child. Loane teaches in the same Parisian private school for two years and the kids love her. She would not trade her position for any other job because there is nothing better than getting paid to have fun while having a sense of responsibility. She does not have papers to grade, finishes work days at 4:30 pm, never works on Wednesday afternoon and has many days of vacation through the school system! Of course, she earns less money than some of her friends who are doctors, consultants or engineers, but it does not bother her. She also has other teacher friends and mates who have an artistic profession as comedians, painters or writers. Always animated by the desire to boost her creativity, Loane is looking for a new experience or hobby…

Hayden is twenty-eight years old. He is passionate about photography since he was fifteen and he managed to become a professional photographer. He is self-employed for three years and begins to become known to make a name for himself. He has his own book of professional photographs on the Internet and his relatives require his services to capture the christenings, engagements, weddings or professional events. Hayden also makes class photos and photo shoots at the request of individuals. His dream is to capture the beauty of the whole world and to have his own photo exhibition. His friends are from all backgrounds: entrepreneurs, singers, musicians, clothing designers, models looking for castings and even chefs! Willing to progress, Hayden is always looking for a new project or an original concept. That is why he decided to settle in Paris to deepen his knowledge…

Meanwhile, during the break in the office of the school principal…

– “Loane, can you please contact this photographer on behalf of the school to see if he is available for the class photos of our pupils next week?

– Of course Madam. Hayden Hoffmann? I think that I have already seen that name somewhere…

– He is a very talented young photographer. He took the pictures of Sciences Po gala last year!

– Do we really need such a professional for kids from three to five years old? His prices must be very expensive!

Don’t worry, his services for schools are quite affordable, I have already consulted his website. And remember that we are a private school, we must offer the best for our students!…”

Students toddlers who would not see the difference between a Flik Flak watch and a Rolex watch! Loane can not help but laughing inwardly at this ridiculous thought. She is going to the teacher’s room to make her call. Hayden has a young and pleasant voice, with a slight German accent. He accepts to come on the following Wednesday to take care of the photo sessions. Loane thanks him and hangs up. She already finds him sympathetic. Curious, she types his name on Google and her search directly leads her to his professional website.

A good image is worth more than words. Hayden looks very talented whether for landscape photos, portraits, festive events… There is also a gallery photo shoots with gorgeous girls of all nationalities wearing fashionable outfits, athletes in full action, guys posing with a rebellious attitude, pictures of newlyweds, children staged in fairytale scenery… We immediately see that he is a creative man. And furthermore, Hayden is handsome. There is a picture of him in the “Who am I?” section. Light brown hair, rebellious lock, blue eyes, attractive aura…he looks like Hayden Christensen but younger. And nicer. Loane is already looking forward to meeting him, even if he only comes to do his job…

At the same time, Loane is far from suspecting that the young man also googled her name and has visited her blog of funny recipes for kids. He has naturally clicked on the “About me” section and saw her profile picture. He immediately guessed that it was her because Loane Paradis is not an usual name! It looks like an alias taken from Louane and Vanessa Paradis but apparently, it is the real name of the girl since she also uses it on LinkedIn. As he does not want to be too intrusive, Hayden just looks at the picture of Loane. He immediately likes her gray-blue eyes, her strawberry blond hair and her dazzling smile. He can easily see that she is photogenic. Her expression is not static but full of life. Hayden is already looking forward to the idea of seeing her for real…

The day of the class photo, Loane welcomes Hayden at the school gate as agreed on the phone. Her class will be the last one to be photographed but the young woman volunteered to ensure the smooth running of the photo sessions. As the teachers are supposed to pose with their pupils, Loane has taken the oppportunity to wear a nice dress both professional and attractive, which won her an admiring compliment from Hayden. At the end of the photo shoot, it is already time to bring out the pupils. The photographer deliberately takes all his time to store his equipment and Loane naturally offers to help him.

When they finish, everyone has left and Hayden asks Loane if she would like to have lunch with him and visit his photo studio after. She happily accepts and the photographer invites her in a charming Parisian bistro. After lunch, Hayden has to work on a photo project with students on children’s rights. Loane is delighted to watch him work in his professional universe. Students came with their little brothers and sisters and they prepared giant placards with messages. Hayden is very competent and good at putting everyone at ease. Plus, his stagings are always relevant and original!

At the end of the day, Hayden finally dares to ask Loane if they can see each other again in a more romantic context. Loane just smiles and kisses him as a response. See? Love does not have to be complicated. Sometimes, you just need to ask…

thanks 20

Hope you enjoyed this short story. Have a nice evening 🙂


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