How to face Blue Monday!

Hello world!

It’s a nearly universal fact, almost no one likes Mondays and many people get depressed before they even start their week! How to ward off the curse of Blue Monday? Here are 6 tips to make you like Monday, enjoy!

1. Adopt a new look! New week, new you! Wear this pretty pair of boots purchased during the weekend, dress up differently, show off with your new haircut…  Yes, this tip is a bit narcissistic but being comfortable in yourself will make you more confident and in a better mood to face your day!


2. Plan a nice outing! Who said that we had to stay home on Monday evening? Go for a drink with friends, try a new restaurant, go to the cinema or book tickets for a comedy show! The prospect of not going home directly after work will brighten your day…

monday fun day

3. Take the opportunity to go to bed earlier! Even if you are going out, nothing forces you to go to sleep at 1:00 am! Sleep is precious, enjoy your warm bed while you can…

keep calm_sleep more

4. Do your shopping for the week! If you’re not in the mood to go out, stop at the supermarket before you go home and buy enough to make good meals. Having your fridge full will make you more relaxed and you will be able to concentrate on other things during the weekend!


5. Plan a series evening! A tray meal and a nice series are typically good mood generators! I started to watch Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy and it’s always a pleasure…


6. Set yourself a challenge for the week and meet it! Eating a balanced diet, playing sports or meeting new people for example. Your challenge starts from today! Do your best to reveal the winner in you, it’s very exciting…

challenge accepted_barney

Hope these 6 tips will allow you to enjoy Monday! See you soon 🙂


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