10 gifts I would like to receive for Christmas!

Hello mates!

Christmas is coming in less than a month so this is an opportunity to dream an make your Christmas list! Usually my relatives never ask me what I want, it would be nice if this list could enlighten them, lol. Here are my more or less realistic wishes for Christmas, enjoy!

1. An annual passport to Disneyland! This is more than an amusement park, it’s a magical world apart… Even a normal ticket would be enough to make me smile!

passeport annuel Disneyland

2. A weekend in London! I never get tired of this city and I dream of celebrating the New Year there…

keep calm cause you are going to London

3. A waffle iron! It’s an indispensable device in the kitchen. For breakfast, tea time or party, with melted chocolate, Nutella or caramel syrup, whipped cream and pieces of strawberry or banana… Imagine the divine snacks awaiting you, the best being the Liège waffles, yum!


4. A Desigual dress! I like this colorful, stylish and cheerful brand. Their long-sleeved t-shirts are very nice as well!

desigual dress

5. A red leather handbag! A Michael Kors purse or any nice bag in that color would make me very happy…

sac rouge

6. A beautiful red dress! Red is a powerful and attractive color and I love gowns! Plus, it would be perfect with the handbag of my dreams…

robe rouge 2

7. A polaroid camera! This is both retro, instant, fun and perfect for partying! And it makes pretty memories to hang on the walls…


8. All the Disney DVDs that I don’t have or that I have lost! Speaking of Ratatouille, Toy Story 3 or Frozen for example… There is nothing lovelier than a shelf of Disney movies, don’t you think?


9. The abolition of all forms of war and cruelty in the world! A peaceful world would be a wonderful gift which benefits everyone. Maybe one day…


10. A ticket to happiness! This is what everyone aspires ultimately, isn’t it?

ticket to happiness

And you, what would you like for Christmas? If you wanna give your opinion, the comment field is yours. Cheers 🙂


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