10 reasons why you should thank life!

Hello world!

Today the Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving. This is an oppotunity to make the list of things for which we should be thankful, enjoy!

1. Being surrounded by people who love you! No matter if you haven’t found your soul mate yet, there are different forms of love and there is at least one person on Earth who loves you. Parent, brother, sister, friend or other, tell yourself that you are lucky to be loved by them…

I am loved

2. Not having a physical or mental disability! Things that seem the most normal or ordinary are also the most valuable. Be grateful to have both your arms, your legs, your five senses and be fully rational, everyone is not so lucky…

i am healthy

3. Having all you need to eat! Think about that the next time you will see a homeless person claim that she has not eaten for two days…

three meals

4. Having a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep! There are still too many homeless people that sleep in the street sadly…

home sweet home

5. Living in a country that protects freedom and civil rights! I don’t think they have it in North Korea…

liberté égalité fraternité

6. Having enough money to live comfortably! No need to be a billionaire to enjoy life…


7. Having people to rely on! This is priceless because without social point of reference, you can hardly move forward in life…

count on me

8. Having the opportunity to learn new things and develop yourself! Sports, music, foreign languages, business or other, learning ability is infinite! There are kids who cannot even go to school so feel blessed…

you can learn anything

9. Never having been abused! Yet too many people are victims of domestic violence, rape, mistreatment or other… Such barbarism should not even exist!

i am respected

 10. Being alive! Life is the most valuable thing we have. You never know what tomorrow will bring so enjoy life to its fullest!

i'm alive

And you, what are the things you feel grateful for? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


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