Short story number 25!

Dear aspiring writers,

Writing short stories is one of my favourite hobbies. I like to sit in front of my laptop and challenge my imagination. There is nothing better to develop your creativity. Sometimes I don’t even know what I will write, I discover the story progressively and it’s very exciting. Here is my twenty-fifth short story, enjoy reading!

your feet will take you

The one that loved to travel.

Isaline is twenty-four years old . She works as a community manager in a startup specialized in the rental of items between individuals. Deep down, she knows that she dreams of an international career. Foreign languages and traveling have always attracted her. She writes a blog in English on all the trips she has made since she is eighteen. She created “Isaline the world traveler” on her own and her website quickly became popular. Her wildest dream would be to travel around the world. So far, she knows the majority of Europe, London and Barcelona remaining her biggest crushes, she had the chance to go to New York and Los Angeles, she went to South Africa and discovered some wonders of Asia such as the great Wall of China, Halong Bay in Vietnam and the Taj Mahal in India. 

Isaline is thus very open to the different cultures of the world and she has a lot of friends from different nationalities. Her most beautiful love story was with Ryan, an American who lives in New York. Unfortunately, distance separated them despite eight months of passionate relationship. They agreed to stay friends but Isaline never saw Ryan again since their breakup from last summer. They are still friends but only on Facebook. Isaline does not even know how she would react if she saw Ryan in real life again. She thinks he has not totally forgotten her since he keeps putting a like from time to time when she publishes an article or a new album on Facebook. But does it really mean something? It is so easy to click on the like button by mistake, especially with the touch screen of the iPhone!

The only time they had the illusion of a conversation was when Ryan messaged her to ask if she was safe and sound after the attacks in Paris. Nothing else has happened since. Maybe it was just common courtesy. Ryan did not answer back when Isaline asked him how he was doing and this silence had deeply hurt her… They got along so well before! Now they are like two strangers. Isaline does not know if there is still a friendship to save between them. Despite her penchant for romance, she knows that she must stop hoping and waiting for the return of Ryan. Time is supposed to heal wounds. She will eventually forget him, even if it takes time…

To clear her head, Isaline decided to plan another trip. She just needs to provide for a budget, pick a destination, find some fellow travelers and make a booking for transportation and accommodation. Her great boss requires all employees to take a week of vacation so she has free time from December 26 to January 3. And Christmas is on Friday this year so Isaline is free from December 24 evening. After spending Christmas with her family, she could totally go abroad for a few days. She really needs a breath of fresh air, Paris looks so sad at this time…

The only people motivated to go on holidays are her best friend Margaux, Gaël, her childhood friend since kindergarten, and her gay friend Jean-Philippe from business school. They all know each other so it will not be a problem to travel together.  Margaux is an English teacher for sixth grade students, Gaël is a photographer and Jean-Philippe is the manager of “Jean-Phil’ la mode”, a clothing e-store. 

London quickly appears as the destination that makes everyone see eye to eye. Indeed, Jean-Philippe refuses to miss Boxing Day sales, Margaux wants to teach a class on London’s culture, Gaël dreams of doing a photoshoot with all of them, and Isaline fell in love with the English Melting Pot since her first trip there. Plus, celebrating New Year’s Eve in London could be fun and give rise to a nice article for her blog!

Our four friends decide to stay in London from December 25 to January 1. Like this, they will be able to celebrate Christmas together, get ready for Boxing Day, hang out, have fun and celebrate New Year. Isaline takes care of booking Eurostar tickets before the prices skyrocket, Margaux prepares the holiday program for everyone and the boys are in charge to book a nice apartment on Airbnb website. In a single night, everything is settled.

Isaline bought an advent calendar to count down the days from December 1. She is a grown-up now so she can afford a Kinder Advent Calendar instead of a Jacquot calendar with poor quality chocolates.  The perspective of a new journey with her friends delights her. It would have been stupid to stay hidden in her bed thinking about Ryan on New Year…

She does not know if she will see him again but one thing is certain: she is not alone and she has awesome friends she can depend on. Lying on her bed, Isaline is completely day-dreaming when her phone wakes her up. She has just received a new message and not just any!

“Hey Lily, long time no see… What have you been up to? I left New York and I live in London now. I know you love this city so don’t hesitate to message me if you come in the area. Would be nice to see you someday. Take care. Ryan”

This is too huge to be true! Ryan just came out of the past and he called her “Lily” like in the old days… Isaline is so shocked that she has trouble breathing. Is it Ryan, her Ryan? Maybe he wanted to text another Lily and messaged her by mistake!  After all, she is not the only “Lily” who loves London in the world… It is certainly a mistake.

As a sign of destiny, a second text appears to dispel Isaline’s doubts.

“By the way, I read your last article on your trip to India. You have an incredible writing style and your pics are beautiful… Your blog really makes people want to travel! Good job, hope to see you soon. Ryan”

This time, there is no more doubt. Ryan was really thinking about her. Isaline feels so glad that she could faint with happiness. Thankfully, she is also a rational girl. “Do not rush” is the warning that appears immediately in her mind. Come running as soon as he recalls her would be despicable and demeaning to her image. Isaline has to stay strong and independent. She will go to London with her friends as planned and text Ryan two days before New Year. 

She has to see him to put the record straight. After she will let fate do its job. In the meantime, Isaline will continue to live her life without changing her plans. She has managed to survive four months without him. Ryan may well wait a little…

thanks 9

Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you soon 🙂


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