10 comforting things to do! ♥

Hello everybody!

Because getting better became a national and global public health issue, here are 10 things to do to boost our morale!

1. Hug your loved ones! Whether it is a family member, a friend, your other half or your cat, sometimes you just need a hug to feel better…

a hug for you

2. Eat junk food! Admit that a good burger, homemade fries and a yummy milkshake make life sweeter!

HD Diner 2

3. Watch cute videos on YouTube! Cats, babies, pandas or other, give yourself a little innocence and sweetness in this cruel world…

top 10 cutest panda

4. Let off steam with a video game! Fighting bad guys and expelling your rage, that’s what you need right now!

street fighter

5. Eat chocolate! It is known for having anti-depression power! Milk chocolate is a must for me…

chocolate 2

 6. Go shopping! It’s always nice to afford a treat. You can even start your Christmas shopping! Go to the independent shops if you don’t feel comfortable in the big shopping centers…


7. Put your favourite music loud! And don’t hesitate to dance and sing at the same time, it feels so good!

music 2

8. Watch an episode of a series you love! A comedy series for example. Better to laugh than cry…

friends 2

9. Throw a pancake party! Easy to make, cheap, nice and friendly! What more could you ask for?

pancake party

10. Write the Christmas list of your dreams! No matter if it is unrealistic, it’s good to dream…

christmas list

Hope these 10 tips will allow you to feel better. xoxo 🙂


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