10 to-do lists to cheer you up!

Hello mates!

Even if we survived the attacks in Paris and we are in good health, it’s hard not to have a twinge because these sad events have deeply affected us. So I did research on the Internet on how to get better and I came accross a very interesting article on madmoizelle.com website. It is about to-do lists to boost our morale. So I decided to share with you these 10 lists that are valuable remedies in case you would feel blue, enjoy!

1. All things for which you are grateful in life! Whether it is your family, your apartment, your buddies, your physical or mental health, your location, your career, your character… There are surely things that make you want to thank life! Fill your heart with love and spread your gratitude on the pages of your notebook…

things i am grateful for

2. All your qualities! Inspire yourself from the qualities your relatives recognize in you. If someone saw them, they must exist for sure…

qualities 2

3. All the things you have done and which you can be proud of! Up to you to define them. Whatever you consider a success deserves congratulations from you!

i am proud

4. The positive consequences of the hardest things that you have had to experience! It can be a breakup that helped you change, death that made you aware of something important, a failure that taught you a lesson…

lead positive

5. All the people you admire and why! Read again this list when you have a lack of motivation and to remind you what matters to you, just to give you a boost. The successes of the people we admire can make excellent catalysts…

people i admire

6. The things you never want to do, experience, suffer, impose, think or feel again! Write it in big letters and promise me you will never do it again. Read this list regularly to keep these promises in your mind…

never again

7. Everything that is positive in your life! Whether it is a constant element (family, love, friends, work or whatever) or little random pleasures that bring you pep (the smile of a stranger in the street, a nap in the sun, the eureka moment, a party with friends…), take the habit of recording everything that bring you happiness. This list should better be long because if we pay attention to the little pleasures of life, we usually have a lot of things to celebrate at the end of the week!

best things of life

8. The things you want to accomplish in your life! Don’t be afraid to dream big! Dreaming, hoping and imagining yourself at the other side of the world motivates a lot…

dream disney

9. The projects you would like to achieve in the near future! Make a list of all the realistic things you absolutely want to do. Writing a book, learning to draw, changing the decor of your room, reading a maximum of books, trying new recipes, traveling in another country… When you get bored, choose one of these projects and do it!

my projects

 10. Phrases and quotes that inspire you! Create a book of quotes that make you think and make you feel good. Remain open-minded about the sources. They can come from your favourite writers or philosophers, a song, a film, a blog, an interview or a text for example. You choose!


Hope these 10 to-do lists will help you feel better. Hugs 🙂


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