My review of “Nous trois ou rien”!

Hello movie fans!

Today I would like to make a review of a film that moved me a lot last week, especially because I saw it the night the attacks hit Paris. Thankfully I was not in a danger zone. Here is my review of Nous trois ou rien!

nous trois ou rien

Nous trois ou rien is a French dramatic comedy directed by the humorist Kheiron with Kheiron himself, Leïla Bekhti, Gérard Darmon, Zabou Breitman, Michel Vuillermoz and Eriq Ebouaney. The film was released in France on November 4, 2015.

What’s the story? In the 1970s, in Iran, Hibat cannot stand the regime of the Shah. He militates at his own risk for democracy. He meets Fereshteh and falls in love immediately. They get married and become parents. Hibat who has not stopped his activities is in danger because the repressions are becoming increasingly violent. He must flee the country. Fereshteh absolutely wants to accompany him. So they leave their parents in Iran and try to build a new life in a Parisian suburb city. Nurse, Fereshteh is in charge to educate women in the neighborood to biology…

From a small village in southern Iran to Parisian cities, Kheiron tells us the extraordinary destiny of his own parents, Hibat and Fereshteh, eternal optimists, in a comedy in the form of an universal tale that evokes family love, the self-giving and especially the ideal of living together.

nous trois ou rien_loveNous trois ou rien is the first feature film of Kheiron and it is a rather successful bet thanks to the quality, originality and effectiveness of its scenario.

Kheiron has the gift to make us laugh, even in the worst situations. Hibat’s cellmate is his brother, a kleptomaniac clothing and Hibat himself advocates the absurd alternation of mattresses, convinced that his brother took the best mattress. The Shah of Iran is deliberately ridiculous and looks like an old spoiled and capricious child who says “I don’t care” most of the time. Furthermore, the poverty of Hibat’s family in the Parisian suburb is presented in a light tone and comically (“Three plates, three knives and three forks” represent their unique tableware at the beginning of their installation).

nous trois ou rien_family

Humor does not prevent the film to contain harsh scenes, such as the torture of Hibat, beaten and locked in a very small cell for having consistently refused to eat the cake offered by the Shah. Emotion is also very strong, especially in the scene where Fereshteh gives a call to her father without saying a word to signify that she is alive…

Dialogues are crafted and well written, the characters are funny and endearing, we laugh a lot, tremble and cry sometimes, emotion is always present. The first part focuses on the revolutionary struggle in Iran, prison, marriage and the escape abroad. The second part looks like a social chronicle both tender, fair, funny and moving on integration in the suburbs and mobilization for nonviolence, solidarity and mediation.

nous trois ou rien_Iran

nous trois ou rien_family 2

Both realistic and fanciful, Nous trois ou rien is an anthem to love, family, freedom, peace and integration. Go for it, you will consider life of a new eye…

Enjoy the movie, see you tomorrow 🙂


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