Pray For Paris ♥

Dear world,

Friday November 13, 2015, will remain engraved in our memories forever. Since yesterday night, Paris is grieving, Paris is in pain, Paris is bleeding. Nobody can ignore the murderous and inhuman terrorist attacks that ravaged the capital. No one can remain indifferent to the suffering and horror experienced by the Parisians. Today, it is not only Paris that suffers: France and the whole world are reeling from the atrocity of this crime against humanity. At least 120 people died yesterday night. Innocent people who had a drink on a terrace, dined at the restaurant, attended a football match or a concert, people like you and me who were unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time and who lost their lives because of the madness and cruelty of eight terrorists. Today I feel blessed to be still alive, hopefully my friends and family are safe and sound. But at the same time, I feel sad, revolted, outraged and disgusted by this world in distress because of individuals who have lost all sense of humanity. Today I think of all the victims of the shooting and their loved ones, I think of all those who have been affected in some way by this tragedy so I decided to pay them homage, in my humble level. Here is a poem for Paris…

pray for Paris 2

Pray for Paris.

The City of Lights is grieving today.

More than 120 innocents died, the whole city is gray,

The capital woke up in a bath of blood and tears,

But its strong will to fight will never disappear.

Some have lost a friend, family members or the person who shared their lives, 

Those who survived the shooting remain traumatized, even if they are still alive,

How can we explain the murderous madness of these serial-killers?

Chaos is everywhere, we feel the threat of war.

In this world in peril, I call for unity, love and peace,

Blood and tears flowed enough, the killings have to cease,

Please, pray for Paris, keep supporting our country,

It is time to restore harmony and put an end to this tragedy…

thanks heart

Tribute to the victims of the Bataclan, Stade de France, boulevard Voltaire, rue Bichat, avenue de la République, boulevard Beaumarchais, rue de Charonne and rue Faidherbe. Thanks to the whole world for supporting Paris, hugs ♥

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