My review of “Spectre”!

Hello movie fans!

I’m not a big fan of James Bond, but by seeing the frantic enthusiasm generated at the release of the film, the British rave reviews and the human tide in line at the cinema, I figured that it was a film not to be missed. So we had to buy the tickets at least one hour in advance and pray not to end up sitting in the front row! Hopefully, I landed in the penultimate row and I could see perfectly well! Here is my review of this explosive movie!

Spectre is a US-British spy movie directed by Sam Mendes with Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw and Monica Bellucci. The movie was released in France on November 11, 2015.


What’s the story? A crypted message emerged from the past leads James Bond to a very personal mission in Mexico City and then in Rome where he meets Lucia Sciarra, the beautiful widow of a famous criminal. Bond manages to infiltrate a secret meeting revealing a terrible organization called Spectre. During this time in London, Max Denbigh, the new director of the Center for National Security, calls into question the actions of Bond and the actual existence of MI6, led by M. Bond persuades Moneypenny and Q to secretly help him locate Madeleine Swann, the daughter of his old enemy,  Mr White, who could hold the means of destroying spectre. As the daughter of a killer, Madeleine understands Bond better than anyone. Approaching the heart of Spectre, Bond discovers that there may be a terrible connection between him and the mysterious enemy he hunts…

Spectre is considered as the next episode of Skyfall and the other James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig. From the beginning and in the most direct way possible, the theme is announced in black and white: “The dead are alive.” Death is present throughout the film, whether through the Day of the Dead in Mexico, murders or ghosts from the past that haunt James Bond but also the woman he chooses to protect. The name of Madeleine Swann has been chosen as a nod as Proust and the nostalgia of the past.

Daniel Craig aka James Bond is true to himself: cold, badass, impeccable in his tuxedo, accustomed to the gadgets and fights, rebel, strong and ruthless womanizer. That said, after having seduced Monica Bellucci very quickly, it seems that our professional killer is ready to settle down with the child-like woman Léa Seydoux… Is it the sign that Bond is aging and ready to retire? That’s what the film suggests anyway.

daniel craig

I found that the two James Bond girls were lacking of charisma. Monica Bellucci is still gorgeous but she is getting old. Plus, her appearance in the film is too short and discreet! Léa Seydoux is pretty but obviously too young for Daniel Craig who could be her father. She is not enough expressive so it’s hard to believe in their romance that is pretty hasty we must say. She shines more as a woman in action!

monica bellucci


Action is what makes the salt of the movie that can be called a blockbuster. The chase of the hunter hunting his prey at the beginning of the movie is amazing. It is like being in a video game, so spectacular! There is also a classic car chase, a more impressive mountain chase, explosions galore… About that, Gary Powell, head of cascade scenes in Spectre, said that they beat the record of botched cars in a movie! One scene also entered the Guinness Book of Records by becoming the largest non simulated explosion in the history of cinema. The technical team of the director, Sam Mendes, has used 33 kilos of explosives and 8,000 liters of gasoline which is totally insane!

About the villains, they are ugly, disgusting, frightening and cruel to perfection, especially, the one embodied by Dave Bautista who is built like a tank! One of his scenes of barbaric cruelty made me think of Game of Thrones… Christoph Waltz, the main villain, has his share of powerful sequences. He knows how to set a chilling atmosphere and he bears the scars of the deformed demon very well!



The photography is beautiful, Sam Mendes make us travel in Mexico, Italy, England, Austria and Morocco. There are humor and entertainment so we don’t have to complain, except on the fact that the film is a bit long. 150 minutes still…

Verdict: Spectre is not the movie of the century but it is enough to make you have a good time!

See you soon 🙂


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