How to dress when you have a H-shaped silhouette!

Hello girls!

Even if you don’t live in France, you may know the TV show Les Reines du Shopping presented by the incredible Cristina Cordula who is both a stylist and an image consultant. “Ma chérie, tu es un H!”, this is what the bubbly Brazilian would say to any girl with shoulders and hips of about the same width and a non-existent waist. Don’t see it as a disgrace, these girls are usually willowy and svelte, speaking of Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz or Natalie Portman! If you have a H-shaped silhouette, here are 8 tips to dress according to your morphology, enjoy!

1. Bet on smooth and long tops! This will give you a trendy and casual look.

haut fluide et long

2. Wear a V-neck wrap! It will highlight your silhouette and your neckline.

cache coeur 23. Choose a coat with a close-fitting cut! It’s perfect for a feminine and smooth silhouette. A belted trench will allow you to enhance your waist.

trench ceinturé4. Dare to wear short jackets! It will highlight your chest.

blouson court5. Avoid very tight jeans! It will only swell your thighs… Prefer jeans with a straight or classic cut.

jean droit

6. Treat yourself to skirts! No matter they are long, mini, straight or slit, the skirts still feminize your silhouette.


7. Favor trapeze dresses! They will sublimate your body by enhancing your legs.

robe trapeze8. You can afford a long flowing dress! You will look like a princess if you are invited to a chic party…

robe longue fluide

Hope these 8 tips will allow you to look awesome with your H-shaped silhouette! xoxo 🙂


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