My review of “Burnt”!

Hello movie fans!

I went to see Burnt during the weekend and I really enjoyed it! Here is my review of this film with multiple flavors!

Burnt is an American dramatic comedy directed by John Wells and written by Steven Knight. The cast includes Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl, Omar Sy, Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson and Alicia Vikander. The movie was released in France on November 4, 2015.

burntWhat’s the story? More than a great chef, Adam Jones is a cooking rock star. Intoxicated by success, the enfant terrible of the Parisian dining scene sinks into alcohol, drugs and disappears. He decides to come back in London after a penance. His come back is meant to open his own restaurant, the best of all times, and access to the famous three Michelin stars…

The poster had already caught my attention in the metro. I found the trailer tantalizing, the cast was upper crust and I like cooking so I really wanted to taste this Hollywood mignardise! Frankly, this is not the film of the year but it is full of flavors!

burnt 3

Bradley Cooper is an actor that I like and not just because he is handsome. I find him talented and he was really convincing as a tormented soul, rebellious, arrogant, capricious and ambitious chef. He is the one who supplies the main sauce of the film. His bursts of anger are reminiscent of a drama queen straight from Hell’s Kitchen and his culinary achievements (even though we know perfectly that it is not him who cooks) are worthy of Top Chef! The gross Adam is not only a real pain. Hopefully he also hides a tender heart. And his French is charming. Otherwise, we would throw him into the oven without mercy!

adam jonesOmar Sy continues his American career with this film that allows him to speak both French and English. We find him cool as always but Michel, his character, shows us that revenge is a dish best served cold! He is the best enemy of Adam and it’s a shame that he is too discreet in the film!

michelDaniel Brühl is Tony, the gay butler who is in love with Adam. He brings a comic and nice touch to the film, embodies friendship and loyalty foolproof and his German accent is so cute!


Sienna Miller is Helene, the only woman who works in Adam’s kitchen. This talented commis chef is also a courageous single mother. She brings freshness, cheerfulness and hope in the macho world of cooking. Of course, her feminine charm will not remain unnoticed…


Other delicious guest stars round out the cast. Uma Thurman turns into a ruthless lesbian food critic, Emma Thompson becomes a caring psychiatrist who monitors Adam’s condition, and Alicia Vikander is Anne Marie, the daughter of the former boss of Adam. The Swedish actress is beautiful and speaks French very well!

uma thurman

emma thompsonanne marie

Verdict: Burnt is a tasty movie with a beautiful photography, magnificent dishes that make us hungry, endearing characters,  a touch of romance, a bit of craziness and entertainment to top it all!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, enjoy the movie and bon appétit! 🙂


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