10 things that annoy Parisians!

Hello mates!

As you know, life is not always easy in Paris. Here are 10 things that annoy particularly Parisians, enjoy!

1. Not being able to sit in the metro! When you have a 15 stations journey to make and you are loaded like a mule, this is the absolute nightmare!

métro blindé 2

2. People walking too slowly in the subway while you are in a hurry! Because of them, you can be sure to miss your metro and arrive late for work! One thing is certain: the snails or turtles that you meet are either tourists or provincial…

tortues métro

3. People who complain that everything is expensive in Paris! Small players! It is clear that they don’t know the good deals. In 2014, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living, Paris ranks only second after Singapour so stop exaggerating. And what about other cities like London or Miami?


4. When someone tells you that you are nice for a Parisian! All Parisians are not snobs and wicked. It’s like in any other city, you can find nice or bad people!


6. Street vendors of roses or ridiculous flashing headbands! This is very annoying, especially when you are eating in the restaurant!

roses 2

7. Canvassers for charities! In general, they collar you at the metro exit, in the middle of the street. After a hard day at work, this is the last thing you need! They even bother you when you are a student whereas they should better target the rich bourgeois…

la rue bagel

8. When someone asks you the name of a monument you don’t know! I don’t speak of the great classics of course. It’s not because you live in Paris that you are supposed to be as cultivated as a tourist guide… And if you’re unfortunate enough to admit that you don’t know, it’s a disgrace!

do you know

9. Traffic jams! This situation annoys everyone but traffic jams in Paris are the worst! You lose all patience, humanity and dignity to turn into a hysterical monster with Tourette Syndrome…

embouteillage paris

10. When someone says that you are typically Parisian! This sounds so cliché! Come on, all Parisians are not the same!

so parisian

And you, what things annoy you in your city? Give me your opinion in the comment field. Have a nice day 🙂


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