Short story number 23!

Dear aspiring writers,

Today I decided to let my imagination wander and let the impromptu writing do its job. Here is my twenty-third short story, enjoy reading!

 amour de jeunesseA youthful romance.

Summer 2002…

Milo and Arielle are twelve years old. They are in year eight in the same class. Their classmates made fun of them during the whole school year because of their original first names. Milo has the same name than the hero of the Disney movie “Atlantis, the Lost Empire” and Arielle reminds them the eternal little mermaid or the famous brand of detergent, according to the most wicked. This is totally unfair because the name of the mermaid and of the washing powder are written “Ariel” and not “Arielle”! But preteens are known to be stupid and nasty. Plus, “Atlantis” was released last year in 2001 so it is impossible that Milo’s parents named him after the movie.

Milo is half Italian. His dad is from Sicili and his mum is Breton. His parents met in the Sicilian village of Milo and it was in front of the sculpture of Venus de Milo in the Louvre that Milo’s dad asked his mum to marry him. Hence the choice of Milo’s name. 

Both of Arielle’s parents were born and raised in Paris. She was named after the French actress and dancer Arielle Coigney whose her grandmother was a fan. Moreover, as the astrological sign of Arielle is Leo and Arielle means “lioness of God” in Hebrew, her parents did not want to give her another name.

Far from keep them away, the mockery of their classmates has given a reason for Milo and Arielle to get closer. They spent all their time in school together and became very good friends. Today is the last day of class. In one hour, the bell will announce the beginning of the summer holidays. Nobody is working in the classroom. The teachers allowed the kids to bring snacks, drinks and board games. Everyone is in a good mood, the bad guys have even forgotten to bother Milo and Arielle today. Relieved, the two friends discuss quietly in the back row of the classroom. 

They look relaxed but each of them hides a secret difficult to confess. Milo is in love with Arielle and Arielle has a crush on Milo for several months. But it is hard to take the plunge with the bunch of morons around them. It would be like kissing in the middle of a battlefield! Too dangerous and risky. They should choose another moment. The last thing to do is to draw attention to themselves. Two minutes before the bell, their French teacher wishes happy holidays to everyone and asks the pupils to tidy the classroom.

When the bell rings, everyone escapes as prisoners having regained their freedom. Only Milo and Arielle take their time. When they get out of the school, their classmates have already disappeared. Milo offers Arielle to hang out in the Tuileries Gardens. Pleasantly surprised, she accepts without hesitation. They continue to walk along the Rue de Rivoli and stop at Häagen-Dasz to eat ice cream. Sitting side by side in the small tea room, Milo finally dares to take the hand of Arielle. They have both the heart beating at full speed and it is without a word that they kiss for the first time. 

Romance continues for a month before each goes on vacation with his respective parents. When Milo and Arielle finally meet again, it is almost the end of the summer holidays. They kiss passionately and then Arielle notices that her boyfriend looks sad. Milo’s dad is a businessman and his family will move to Italy for five years. Milo and Arielle are only twelve years old and they both know that their love will not survive the distance. They will keep in touch but they will no longer be a couple, it is better that they remain friends. Friendship is stronger than love, especially at their age. After Milo’s departure, Arielle cries a lot but eventually pulls herself together and regains her joy of living. Youth quickly forgets the little dramas of life…

Summer 2008…

High School is over. Milo and Arielle both did their A levels and Facebook allowed them to reconnect. Milo is back in Paris and offers Arielle to meet him. They are eighteen now, six years have passed since Middle School. When they see each other again, all their emotions of tweens resurface but they are tenfold. Milo is now 1.80 meters tall, he has a pleasant manly voice, his light brown hair got darker, his body is more muscular but he still has the same laughing green eyes. Arielle became beautiful. She is 1.70 meters tall, she dyed her hair reddish-brown, her silhouette has feminized and her blue eyes are enhenced by a delicate makeup. Milo jokes telling her she looks like the little mermaid in human version. His friend looks so suprised that he apologizes immediately, fearing reminding her bad memories. Arielle pretends to be angry and asks Milo a kiss to make amends. 

Without thinking, he spontaneously kisses her on the lips and she kisses him back, fearless. The magic happens again and they spend their first night together after four other dates. The connection that united them since their preadolescence is activated again. Milo and Arielle are in love and discover the pleasures of life together. They had other relationships in High School but the feelings and sensations they have for each other are unique. You never forget your first love. Unfortunately, life is full of surprises. When Arielle finally asks her boyfriend what he planned to do for his studies, the curse happens again. Sheepishly, Milo confesses to her that he will do a MBA in the States for two years starting the next month. Arielle feels betrayed and slaps him, in shock. Milo tries to apologize but she does not want to see him again and decides that their relationship is over. Milo swears that he loves her and wanted to tell her but Arielle thinks his fine words were just a trick to sleep with her. She starts to cry and Milo takes her in his arms, helpless. Arielle refuses to be in a long distance relationship so they have to break up. Again. This time, the injury hurts more than their first breakup. Milo begs her to give them another chance but Arielle is inflexible. She does not believe that they can handle this kind of relationship at eighteen years old. Hurt and humiliated, Milo says goodbye and wishes her to be happy. They will not talk to each other for years…

Fall 2015…

Milo and Arielle met again by coincidence at the birthday of a mutual acquaintance in Paris. They are twenty-five years old now. They are all grown up, have a  real job and their own accommodation. They decided to bury the hatchet and Arielle agreed to have dinner with Milo, as friends. Everything is going well, resentment seems to have dissipated but the old romantic feelings are not completely extinct. Whenever they meet again, there is such an electric current between them, an inevitable connection. After paying the bill, they leave the restaurant and Milo kisses Arielle on a street corner.

-“I’m back this time. For good.”

The first time they kissed, they were twelve years old. The first time they slept together, they were eighteen. Now they are twenty-five, more mature, they both live in Paris and they are both single. Maybe the right timing finally arrived. Maybe a relationship can work this time. Only time can decide. One thing is certain: these two are still in love…

thanks 21

Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you soon 🙂


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