The 10 commandments of the Parisian! :p

Hello world!

If you have always wanted to know the rules of life of a Parisian, here are the 10 commandments to apply, enjoy!

1. Paris will be your favourite city! “Paris je t’aime” is your motto and you love it despite its imperfections. Don’t be afraid to show your passion for the City of Lights and let the whole universe believe that it’s the most beautiful city in the world! The myth of Paris should never die…

paris je t'aime 2

2. You will live in Paris! No matter the district, when you tell people that you live in Paris, they look at you as if you were the king of the world! “I live in Paris” has something magical. Seeing their eyes light up with envy and admiration is exhilarating, you feel powerful and on a pedestal. You got it, living in Paris is simply classy…

paris is my home3. You will get dressed in neutral colors! Headlight colors of the Parisian are gray, anthracite gray, black or beige. Avoid the garish colors, we are not in the circus! The Parisian is refined, never too eccentric. So adopt a camouflage uniform!

la petite robe noire4. You will walk at a fast pace! The Parisian is always in a hurry. Don’t stop and don’t slow your pace if you don’t want to be pushed around! No matter you wear sneakers or high heels, the same rule applies to all… Fast walk is good for health. Calories burned will allow you to engulf good Parisian dishes. Parisians are wonderful, aren’t they?

walk fast5. You will not smile! According to the Parisian, smiling is for the simpleton or the naive people who have never seen Paris before. Nothing surprises the Parisians, they are just jaded! Being sullen and haughty makes them feel superior to others. This is the Parisian attitude, what do you want…

no smile6. You will make the pigeons run away! This is an art that you learn from your early age. Never feed those evil creatures and scare them before they are attacking you! It’s a matter of survival and principle…

no pigeons7. You will be immunized against bad smells! With the smell of cheese factories, metro stations poorly infiltrated, some people of questionable hygiene, alcoholics, tramps, garbage, vomit, pee or poop of all kinds, it’s enough to have a stroke…so be strong and train yourself to become an apnea champion in hazardous areas! If you survive all of this, you’re a real Parisian. Be proud!

apnée8. You will learn to avoid dog poop! This is a more or less dreaded plague depending on the neigborhood and decency of dog owners. This exercise will make you more agile and you will develop a raptor vision. That’s where the Parisian dexterity comes from!

beware of dog poop9. You will not speak to your neighbors! Apart from the polite “Good morning”, “Good evening” and “Thank you” required in the elevator, the Parisians don’t talk to their neighbors. Sometimes they don’t even know who are their neighbors! Parisians love to cultivate the art of anonymity, it gives them an air of mystery or snobbery according to the different interpretations. The choice is yours!

don't talk to me

10. You will always be late! The rule of politeness quarter hour was probably invented by the Parisians. The Parisian loves to be desired. Arriving late gives you importance. Whether it is for dinner or a date, never arrive on time or early, except for job interviews! Those awaiting are the losers so take your time and be flawless…

i'm late

Hope these 10 commandments will allow you to become a perfect Parisian! A bientôt, bisous bisous 🙂


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