Short story number 22!

Dear aspiring writers,

Today it’s Halloween so I would like to write a romance about it. Enjoy reading!

halloween heart

Halloween romance.

-“I’m waiting for you  at 7:00 pm tonight, ok? Don’t let me down!

– OK, count on me…”

By hanging up the phone, Léna can not help but heave a sigh. Her best friend Charlotte has always been stubborn. At twenty-four years old, she insists on celebrating Halloween like a kid. Of course, Léna and Charlotte are too old to pass the hat but Cha’ has a nephew and a niece of six and seven years old who hate sweets! Yes, it is very strange. These are not normal children and even their own parents ignore the truth. Cha’ loves using them as bait to collect candies in the neighborhood. They live in the Parisian suburbs so residents respect the American tradition…

-“Why don’t we buy candies at the supermarket like grown ups?

– Because it’s the end of the month and we are almost broke. And it’s more fun to get free candies!

– Do you think it’s fair to impose this to Grégoire and Alicia?

They are happy to help and I promised to take them to Disneyland tomorrow!

Yay!!! Love you, Aunt Chacha! 

I thought you were almost broke!

Entrance is free for kids below twelve years old until tomorrow night. And my friend Béa’ can let me in for free as well since she works there…

Well done! I have to admit that you’re doing pretty well.

You know I’m an expert in negotiation!


After knocking the doors of the whole neighborhood, Léna, Charlotte, Grégoire and Alicia arrive at Charlotte’s flat to count their booty. Crocodiles, Smurfs, Smarties, Dragibus, lollipops and Tagada strawberries end up in the bowl of the best sweets. Liquorice rolls, mint candies and soft caramels remain in the children’s bag. Léna and Cha’ give them a big kiss before bringing them back home.

It is only 8:30 pm. Charlotte gives half of her sweets to Léna who can not help smiling. Cha’ is childish but that does not prevent her to be generous. The two girls relax on the couch, each with a bowl of candies in the hands. They are watching replays of “Game of Thrones” when Charlotte’s neighbor knocks on the door to ask if he can borrow a corkscrew. He is throwing a Halloween party and offers the girls to join his guests. Pleasantly surprised, they readily accept. It is the next door and Léna can sleep at Charlotte’s place after the party. They could not find more convenient!

Cha’ gets an unopened bottle of Fanta in her fridge and gives a large package of potato chips to Léna not to arrive empty handed. Her neighbor Julien is twenty-six years old and he looks very nice. Even with his horror makeup, Léna guesses that he is cute. His magnificent blue eyes are not lenses and brown locks of hair are escaping from his gray wig. Julien has invited a dozen people and his apartment is full of Halloween creatures. Vampires, witches, zombies, skeletons, aliens and other monsters gleefully discuss and music is in full swing. Julien has treated the decoration and there is even a piñata!

After a limbo contest, it is time to elect the best Halloween costume of the evening. Charlotte wins with her gothic version of Rapunzel. The prize is a bottle of “Celebrations” candies. Cha’ looks like a child who would have won a golden ticket. Léna is happy for her. She knew she had little chance of winning with her simple cat suit but Julien invited her to dance and this is priceless… They must meet again tomorrow afternoon. Finally it was worth to celebrate Halloween!

thanks 17Hope you enjoyed this short story. Happy Halloween! 🙂

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