My review of “Lolo”!

Hello movie fans!

Yesterday evening, I saw Lolo on the day of its cinema release. The trailer had already made me laugh and I was not disappointed by the film. Here is my review of this crazy comedy, enjoy!


Lolo is a French comedy directed by Julie Delpy with Julie Delpy herself, Karin Viard, Dany Boon and Vinvent Lacoste. The film was released on October 28, 2015.

What’s the story? In thalassotherapy with her best friend Ariane in Biarritz, Violette, a Parisian in her forties working in fashion, meets Jean-René, a modest computer programmer freshly divorced. After years of loneliness, she lets him seduce her. He joins her in Paris, trying to adapt in the Parisian microcosm in which she evolves. But it is without counting on the presence of Lolo, the beloved son of Violette, ready to anything to destroy the fledgling couple and maintain his status of child-as-king…

lolo 2In Lolo, stereotypes are in the spotlight. We have a fashion guru who is bourgeois, wealthy and hypochondriac, a liberated and indomitable Man Eater, a tender and simpleton provincial, and a rich kid condescending and mischievous. The dialogues are free-flowing, incisive and funny, gags hit the spot, and the story is full of incredible twists. Karl Lagerfeld even makes us the honor of appearing as a guest star and seeing a drunk Dany Boon taking selfies with him is priceless!

lagerfeldLolo is a joke about the themes of the blended family, the difficulty to live a love story after forty years old, the Oedipus Complex, fusional maternal love and the necessity of cutting the apron ties. All the actors are excellent, credible and hilarious. Special mention to Vincent Lacoste who has great presence thanks to his role of fake angel with demonic spirit. His limitless deviousness deserves a medal! A diary of a diabolical and psycho kid was even especially created for the film…

lolo 3If you want to treat yourself with a good fit of laughter, go see Lolo, you won’t be disappointed! Have a nice day, see you soon 🙂


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