5 online shops that sell panda stuff!

Hello panda fans!

As you know, my nickname from my blog is Parisian Panda because the panda is my favourite animal and that I love collecting things that relate to pandas. If you are fond of panda’s universe, here is a selection of 5 online shops where you can buy panda stuff, enjoy!

1. Ma peluche Panda! This is a French brand which headquarters are located in Brest, in Bretagne. Cuddly toys, clothing, accessories or jewelry, there is something for everyone! I have already noticed cute cheap keyrings, socks for mobile phone and an adorable Princess Panda! http://peluchepanda.fr/

princesse panda

2. Amazon! Here you can find clothing, costumes, electronic accessories, decorative items or jewelry. There are a desk lamp and a hoodie at reasonable price that I like very much! http://www.amazon.fr


3. A Little Market! You will essentially find jewelry and accessories. There are some very pretty necklaces and nice pocket mirrors for example. So kawaï! http://www.alittlemarket.com/

collier panda

4. La Boutique de Yoko! Go there to buy stickers, water decals for your nails or lovely pencil cases. http://www.bijoux-faits-main.com

nail art panda

5. Boutique WWF! This will allow you to treat yourself while supporting a worthy cause! I love their panda mug! http://boutique.wwf.fr


Hope these 5 online shops will allow you to satisfy your passion for panda stuff! See you soon, xoxo 🙂


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