9 things to do in autumn!

Hello mates!

Autumn is not really the season that makes us dream. Tree leaves fall, the weather is gloomy, people are grumpy and wear dismal clothing, your energy is decreasing…Stop! If we continue to reason like that, depression will fall on us and this is not what you want! So regain self-control and read this article. Here are 9 suggestions of things to do to enjoy the fall!

1. Wrap yourself in warm and cozy clothes! It sounds stupid but when we are cold, our moral declines along the temperature…

pull automne

2. Read! It’s a soothing activity. How about a good novel accompanied by a cup of tea or a hot chocolate?

livre cheminée tasse

3. Prepare Halloween! Decoration, costumes, candies, themed buffet and sinister playlist…have fun!


4. Go for chesnut picking in the forest! Roasting chestnuts will remind you of your childhood and you will have a nice and tasty snack, yum!


5. Go to the cinema! There are plenty of good movies to see and it will make you forget the bad weather!


6. Play board games! It’s a friendly and ideal activity if you want to have fun inside!

monopoly GOT

7. Bake! Homemade cookies, muffins or cupcakes always put you in a good mood!

cookies 3

8. Throw a raclette party! When it’s cold outside, cheese, potatoes and charcuterie are your best allies!


9. Think about Christmas! Good news, it’s coming in less than two months! You can already dream about chocolate truffles, capon, yule log, Christmas market and Christmas presents…

christmas is coming

Hope these 9 tips will allow you to enjoy the fall! Have a nice day 🙂

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