Winter Time!

Hello budding poets!

As you know, today we changed to winter time so I would like to write a poem about it. Enjoy reading!

winter time

Winter Time!

Last night we gained one hour of sleep,

This morning you could slow down time and stay asleep,

This is the good side of the transition to winter time, 

Being lazy on a Sunday is not a crime.

The days get shorter, night falls at 6:00 pm,

Your eyes are already red with fatigue, you cannot control them,

The dark sky defies you,

You yawn so much that it looks like a moo!

Winter is coming,

You just feel like eating and sleeping,

If you could hibernate, you would do it,

This is not the right spirit: make an effort, come and put on your mitts!

thanks 15

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Have a nice evening 🙂


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