My review of “Crimson Peak”!

Hello movie fans!

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to gather all my courage to see Crimson Peak! The trailer already scared me a little but fascinated me at the same time. The most important was to avoid to see this film alone, it’s always more reassuring to go with a friend, don’t you think? This is what I did and here is my review, enjoy!

Crimson Peak is an American gothic romance-horror film directed by Guillermo Del Toro with Mia Wasikowa, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam. The film was released in France on October 14, 2015.

crimson peak_posterWhat’s the story? In the nineteenth century, Edith Cushing, a young and intrepid American novelist haunted by the ghost of her deceased mother, lives with her father, an industrialist from the high society of the state of New York. She succumbs to the charm of Sir Thomas Sharpe, a handsome stranger just arrived from England with his sister Lucille. He is looking for funding to build his machine to extract the clay soil. After the tragic death of her father murdered bloodily, Edith marries Thomas and follows him with Lucille in their huge Gothic mansion in the heart of the English countryside. But in this dark house, Edith is soon plagued by horrific and ghostly visions. The young woman discovers a terrifying place full of secrets…

mansionI decided to consider Crimson Peak as a Gothic fantasy movie at the edge of horror, and not as a horror movie. Otherwise I would never have had the courage to go see this movie and it would have been a shame! The fact that the story is set in the Victorian era and contains supernatural creatures also reassured me, oddly. When we know that it is just a movie, there is less fear of letting the story take the hold of us!

Usually I’m a chicken when it comes to scary stories but I am proud to say that I haven’t done nightmare after the film. And yet I was afraid and even yelled at a moment! Guillermo Del Toro is an expert in the art of creating dark atmospheres and frightening places. He places great importance to the aesthetics and some shots of the film altogether look like paintings. The music, the scenery, the characters…everything seems out of a horrific fairy tale. The house is breathing, the floor creaks, the water is bloody red, ghosts moan. The Haunted Mansion reminded me of a Disney attraction but more terrifying!

crimson 2The originality of the film is that it starts almost like a classical romance to lull our distrust until the first ghost appears…it was so sudden that I could not help but scream! I must say that the ghosts of the movie have nothing to do with Casper the Friendly Ghost, far from it! And there are scenes that are very gory, I could barely keep my eyes open. But this is not the essential point.

The most interesting is the transformation of the main heroine played by Mia Wasikowa. She has her own character at the beginning but she is still innocent and naive in the first part of the movie. The development of her mindset and of her unexpected physical strength in the Mansion is spectacular. She will go through all the emotions: curiosity, fascination, love, fear, distrust, despair and disgust before turning into a fearsome warrior!


Jessica Chastain is Lucille Sharpe, the raving and psycho sister of Sir Thomas. Her obsession, her madness and her cruelty are bloodcurling. She embodies a real bloodthirsty monster, even more menacing and scary than the ghosts of the story. Her performance is truly remarkable. Careful!

lucilleTom Hiddleston is magnetic. He plays very well the role of Sir Thomas, the handsome baronet that seems out of another era. We know that his character is mischievous but we cannot help from succumbing to his hypnotic gaze and his fine words. The moment when the hunter falls in love with his prey is priceless and with no way out. Love felt by the bad guys can only go wrong…

thomasCharlie Hunnam is the kind and cute Dr Alan McMichael who is also in love with Edith Cushing. Of course, the heroine falls for the bad guy but that does not stop the courageous doctor to remain hopeful and to want to save the woman he loves. Finally, he is not the hero of the story. Himself will need help to face the two diabolical Sharpes…

alanGuillermo Del Toro loves strong women. That’s why they don’t need men to help them in his movie. Men are literally at their feet. Women power!

Crimson Peak is a fantastic movie that will make you shudder of fear and pleasure. Go for it! See you soon 🙂


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