Top 20 of Parisian first names!

Hello world!

As I like to keep abreast of trends, today I decided to get interested in the most popular first names given in the City of Lights. Here is the top 20 of the most successful Parisian first names since last year, according to Le Parisien newspaper, enjoy!

1. Gabriel! This name means “god strength” in Hebrew and spread from Middle Ages in France.

gabriel 2

2. Adam! This name actually means “made with red earth” in Hebrew and has a lot of success since the nineties.


3. Raphaël! This name is very popular since the seventies and means “God heals” in Hebrew.


4. Louise! This German name means “illustrious in battle” and has a lot of success since 2007 in France.


5. Louis! This name means “illustrious in battle” in German and was worn by 17 kings of France.


6. Paul! This name means “small” in Latin.


7. Arthur! This Celtic name means “bear” and refers to the legendary King of medieval literature. It appears in the sixth century in Bretagne before spreading throughout Gaul.


8. Chloé! This name of Greek origin means “seedling”.


9. Inès! This name of Greek origin is a multicultural name. Without accent, it means  “friendly” and “generous” in Arabic.

inès 2

10. Alice! This name means “of noble lineage” in German.


11. Victor! This name means “victorious” in Latin and spreads from the earliest times of Christianity.


12. Jeanne! This ancient name meaning “God gives grace” in Hebrew was born in Middle Ages.


13. Mohamed! This name refers to the prophet of Muslims and founder of Islam: Muhammad. It means “praiseworthy” in Arabic and it is the most frequent name in the world.


14. Alexandre! This name means “defense of humanity” and spread from Middle Ages.


15. Sarah! This name means “princess” in Hebrew and became popular in France since the seventies.


16. Maxime! This name means “the greatest” in Latin.


17. Camille! This name means “young assistant of Ceremonies” in Etruscan language. It emerged in the nineteenth century in France and was mostly worn by boys at the beginning.


18. Lina! This name means “messenger” in Greek, “soft” and “tender” in Arabic, and “concentrated” in Sanskrit. It is a real multicultural name.


19. Emma! This name means “universal” in German.


20. Adèle! This ancient name means “noble” in German.


That’s it! And you, are you part of this Top 20 or do you know people who are part of it? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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