“L’art du couple”: Eve and Alex give us the keys to overcome any anti-glamorous situations in a relationship. Review of a powerful and hilarious comedy!

Hello theater enthusiasts!

Yesterday evening, I had the chance to attend another free comedy at Théâtre Popul’air du Reinitas and I can tell you that this show is worth gold! Here is my review of L’art du couple, enjoy!

eve et alexL’art du couple is a comedy written and performed by Alexandre Barbe (I saw his one man show last Saturday) and Eve Paradis. She also performed for the first part of the same show, it’s a small world! The duo of comedians which appears to be a couple in real life, is on stage every Tuesday at 9:30 pm at Théâtre Popul’air du Reinitas, in Paris 20, until December 15, 2015.

What’s the story? Eve and Alex have been together for three years and they decided to host a conference on the art of being a couple from time immemorial to the present day. The two accomplices took matter very seriously since they have seen a real marriage counselor and begin the conference dressed in a (not ironed) white coat! Eve and Alex take us to a travel time to explain us the origins of seduction and love, but especially the fundamental differences between men and women! Prehistoric times, medieval times, contemporary world…nothing is left to chance! The same observation always remains: women are much more expressive, intensely live their emotions and love the details, while men are poorly expressive, not very observant and go straight to the point. These major character differences are of course the source of dysfunctions, misunderstandings and crises within a couple. Luckily, Eve and Alex are here to help…

l'art du couple 2Energy, craziness, punchy humor, complicity and seduction, these are the ingredients of this tasty comedy, not to mention improbable historical costumes, realistic role plays and actors at the height of their talent! Eve and Alex are also singers and composers. Their musical hit with guitar will delight your ears and zygomatic muscles!

You got it, L’art du couple is the comedy to see! You will sign for one hour of pure happiness. The show is not free anymore but you can get tickets for 5 euros by unit plus 0.95 euros fee per person on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/122899/evt.htm. This is not expensive at all and I told you this play is worth gold!

l'art du couple 3

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow 🙂


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