Hello poetic souls!

Today is International Chefs Day so I decided to compose a poem about cooking. Enjoy reading!


Cooking is a bit like art,

A successful dish should be pleasant to look,

For me, the creative side of a recipe is the best part,

A chef unable to innovate is just good for the nook.

Cooking is a bit like chemistry,

We make experiments, we test some reactions,

When the magic potion makes its effect,

The lucky cook appears as a genie.

Cooking is like a game of seduction,

We want to please the guest,

Expect his approbation,

A compliment from him and you feel like you are blessed. 

Cooking must be a passion,

You must love playing with ingredients, flavors and aromas,

When a chef becomes famous, it’s like consecration,

Winning a Michelin star is like receiving the most beautiful diploma…

thanks 17

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Happy International Chefs Day! 🙂


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