Short story number 20!

Dear aspiring writers,

It’s been a while since my last short story so today I decided to challenge my imagination again. Here is my twentieth short story, enjoy reading!

i love no diet day

Those who were unable to go on a diet.

Amandine is 25 years old. She loves to eat since she was a little girl and she does not know how to restrict when it comes to food. She has never been overweight but she has never been really skinny. Amandine is an Epicurean girl who has always lived life to its fullest. Her voracious appetite has never prevented her from being cute nor having boyfriends. “Carpe Diem” is her motto since she saw the movie “Dead Poets Society”. For her, pleasures of life are like the mathematical complexity: they are limitless and it suits her very well…

Lucas is 28 years old. For him, the gastronomic pleasures are sacred, we must honor them and be thankful at the end of each feast. When Leonardo DiCaprio updated the “Dad Bod” trend, Lucas was the first one to approve it. Of course, he plays sports from time to time but he is not a maniac of the gym. He has no flat stomach but he has not a beer belly either. This does not prevent him from being nice to look and his girlfriends has never complained about his passion for eating. “Come what may” is his motto since one of his ex girlfriends forced him to watch “Moulin Rouge!”. According to Lucas, he has to be loved as he is until the end of times. Utopian but cute…

For now, Amandine and Lucas do not know each other yet but they are going to meet soon, by the merest chance…

Staring at the candy shelf of the supermarket, Amandine hesitates between the Smurfs and the crocodile candies. It is stronger than her, she always needs to have a reserve of candies in her bag. In case she would suffer from hypoglycemia, go to the movies, get bored in transport or simply like to eat candies! Moreover, it is almost Halloween, she must think of the kids. Not hers, she does not have any, but those who will knock at her door on October 31. Well, this is unlikely since Amandine lives in a studio apartment on the eighth floor without lift! It is not easy every day but at least, it dispenses her to play sports. Now she has concrete calves…and slightly chubby thighs from eating as an ogress. Anyway, she does not care, she is single and she has no one to seduce. Plus, as stated by Jon Snow, “Winter is coming!” so she needs strength to face the early cold in Paris!

At the same time in the same Franprix market, Lucas faces a serious dilemma: his friend Gaspard proposed to eat raclette and Lucas does not know if a raclette cheese tray stamped “for two to three people” will be enough for both of them. He is a bit ashamed to admit it but in normal times, this is what he eats by himself. It is better to take two raclette cheese trays, better to have too much than not enough! At worst, if Gaspard is not hungry enough, Lucas will be happy to devote himself. After all, he has always been altruistic, especially when it comes to food!

Conscience soothed, Lucas finishes his shopping list by adding an assortment of charcuterie, a kilo of potatoes and two bottles of cider. He gets to the supermarket checkout, just behind a girl who has bought only candies: Smurfs and crocodiles. Strange dinner. Maybe the poor kid can not afford to buy a real meal… The girl has a pretty youthful face, caramel-colored eyes, mahogany brown hair, and very cute dimples. She must be about eighteen. Too young for him obviously. Ten years apart, it is almost criminal! Poor Lucas. He does not realize that even him looks younger than his age. With his brown rebellious hair, his laughing blue eyes, his threadbare jeans, his messenger bag and his Converse, he does not look more than twenty-three.

It is the turn of the candy girl to pay. Her credit card remains silent despite two successive attempts and she looks embarrassed. The cashier asks her if she really does not have cash but the girl is left with only a few cents. What a shame! People in the queue are getting impatient. As the girl proposes to put her purchases aside and come back later, Lucas, suddenly moved with pity, offers to pay for her. It only costs 3.15 euros and it will avoid the congestion of the supermarket. Grateful, the girl thanks him, puts her candies in her purse and waits on the side. Lucas puts his supplies in plastic bags and tells her that it is a gift and that she can leave. The girl refuses, she is not a beggar and intends to withdraw cash at the nearest ATM.

Lucas sights but agrees to follow her to the post office that is located just a step from the supermarket. Amandine has to withdraw 20 euros minimum. The diabolical ATM spits out a 20 euros note and Lucas does not have any change. The post office has a machine that turns notes into coins but it is overcrowded inside. Lucas starts to get mad. All this bustle for 3 unfortunate euros and 15 cents! The situation is so ridiculous that both of them burst out laughing when they are both stopped by a familiar voice. Gaspard!

-“From where do you know each other?!”

Lucas and Gaspard are friends since middle school and Gaspard is the new neighbor of Amandine since the beginning of the month. It’s a small world! Reassured about the age of Amandine, Lucas offers her to join their raclette party, ironizing on the fact that her candies will serve as dessert. Amandine accepts heartily and our friends follow Lucas until his place.

Dinner is going so well that Amandine offers to invite them the next week to eat crepes. The chemistry between Lucas and Amandine is palpable, so much that he dares to invite her to have a drink and eat tapas a few days before the crepe party…

-“I knew it!”

Gaspard is even not surprised when he sees the young couple hugging and going on food binges like two cute little pigs without complex. Lucas and Amandine are definitely made for each other. Like what, anything can happen, even at the supermarket!

All that to say that we must never lose hope, assume what we are and keep on living life to its fullest! Girls, even if you have the same appetite as Shrek, there will always be someone to find you charming and love you like he loves Princess Fiona. However, continue to take the stairs if you are allergic to sport…

thanks 22

 Hope you enjoyed this short story. Hugs 🙂


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