Alex Barbe: punk of humor. Review of his delirious one man show, “Venez nombreux, j’aime la thune!”

Dear addicted to humor,

Laughter is the best addiction without danger to health! That’s why I attend as many comedy clubs as possible. At Théâtre Popul’air du Reinitas in Paris 20, you can have inexpensive drinks in a warm and artistic setting, while enjoying free shows by having booked online. Isn’t that wonderful? Here is my review of another humorist named Alex Barbe, enjoy!

alex barbe

Venez nombreux, j’aime la thune! is the original, crazy, absurd and troublemaker one man show written and performed by Alexandre Barbe. He is on stage at Théâtre Popul’air du Reinitas every Saturday at 8:00 pm until December 19, 2015. I just found out he has played in the comedy series Bref, so it’s a small world! Plus, he has won several awards of the festivals of humor, which makes him a safe bet.

A finely cut writing, an extraordinary sense of improvisation, a universe that is exclusively his…this show summons you for an hour of pure comic pleasure!

The small theater room was full, which shows the popularity of the artist. Alex Barbe is not a humorist like others and he claims loud and clear his originality and his immeasurable touch of madness!

That’s why he prefers to introduce himself by singing, accompanied by his guitar. I can tell you that the song will quickly enter your head! Indeed, Alex Barbe engages you and he knows how to create a connection with his audience. With his false bourgeois air, his theatrical voice, his rebellious lock and his slim white shirt, this guy cannot go unnoticed and that’s good!

alexandre barbe

As he says himself, the audience wants something new and original, and that is precisely what he offers us. He speaks alternately of his strange chimeras, his experience, his fantasies, taboos of society… He defends the (special) cause of animals in the form of crazy songs composed by himself, gently mocks retirees and other social cases, tries to seduce single girls in the audience… You may even have the honor of throwing (cherry) tomatoes at him!

As you can imagine, the absurd is the king of his show and Alex Barbe is totally in his element. Go see his one man show, you won’t regret your choice! You can book your free tickets on the website There are only 2 euros fee so no more excuse!

Have a nice evening, see you soon 🙂


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