“La Vie en SelfieS”: review of a crazy and funny one woman show about life without filter!

Hello mates!

I had already told you about my intention to attend the one woman show of Annabelle Nakache. Well, I did it yesterday night and it was hilarious! Here is my review of La Vie en SelfieS, enjoy!

la vie en selfies

La Vie en SelfieS is a one woman show written and performed by Annabelle Nakache. She is on stage at Théâtre Popul’air du Reinitas in Paris 20 until December 15, 2015.

What does it talk about? In her one woman show, with impertinence and an innate sense of repartee, Annabelle provides an unfiltered selfie of our crazy world, and gives you her secrets to learn to laugh at it with good humor and good mood! According to the Dictionary of the Blonde (yes, Annabelle is a blond girl), the selfie or égoportrait means the habit of taking a picture of yourself to invent a sublimated life…

In her show, Annabelle offers solutions to face situations where anyone can recognize. Indeed, the funny blonde warns us from the beginning: any resemblance to character or event which really exist IS intended!

For example, you will learn how to respond when a clumsy guy tries to seduce you in the street or in a bar, how to apply explosive self-defense techniques, how to make a realistic praise of the modern Prince Charming, how to make people believe that you’re having a great birthday party, how to survive an intrusive medical appointment, what to say when someone asks you an awkward question and many other things besides!

annabelle nakache 2

Annabelle is a bubbly blonde who wears heels and has a brain (yes, this kind of blonde exists!), and she takes great delight in revealing aloud what you think quietly. One thing is sure: this amazing humorist is never at a loss for words and she’s an incredible actress, moving from one character to another with disconcerting ease, her imitations are sidesplitting! Plus, Annabelle is full of energy, very friendly, she loves to dance and even has a talent for singing (in French and English). Her parodic songs are worth seeing!

This is THE one woman show to attend so come laugh and see life in selfies! You will sign for 75 minutes of hysterical laughter… Book your tickets on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/144803/evt.htm. It’s 5 euros per unit with 0.95 euros fee per person so no more excuse!

Have a good laugh! Hugs 🙂


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