“Bordel Club”: the humorous lab not to be missed!

Hello mates!

Who said that going out in Paris is expensive? Do you know that you can see talented humorists (and famous for some) for free? This is possible with Bordel Club, a humorous lab which combines stand up, sketches, music and different guests every week at Montmartre Galabru Theater!

bordel club 2

At Bordel Club, artists offer extracts from their shows, exchange ideas, share their delusions… So anything can happen. No limits, no taboos, and above all, no rules! Well if both: “The first rule is to speak of Bordel Club and the second: speaking of Bordel Club! Got it?

So, who was there yesterday? Pedro Mito, Adrien Arnoux, Lenny Harvey, Seb Mellia, Kyan Khojandi (yes, the guy from Bref!) and others! Artists are on stage for 75 minutes and it is pure happiness…


pedro mito

adrien arnoux

lenny harvey

seb mellia

Before the show begins, Lenny and Adrien were already on stage to welcome the audience, make jokes and set the mood. The atmosphere is super cool and relaxed, we have the feeling of an evening with friends. There is a real interaction with the public and they ask many questions so don’t be shy!

All the humorists were brilliant and hilarious, each had his own personality and his little touch of madness. The show is free but it’s worth gold! It’s as if someone had press a magic machine, we cannot stop laughing, they are incredibly funny!

The concept is called Bordel Club so the show goes in all directions, it’s totally crazy, crude words explode, jokes hit the target and that’s what make the charm of the various one man shows.

Don’t forget to give something at the end of the show to support the artists because they are talented and deserve to be encouraged. The survival of the Bordel Club depends on it and I can tell you that having Kyan Khojandi wishing you a good evening in person is priceless!

In short, go for it, you will have an awesome time! You can book your free tickets on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/59976/evt.htm. It’s every Monday at 9:30 pm at Montmartre Galabru Theater in Paris. Enjoy…

See you soon 🙂


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